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  1. Julian says:

    Larissa Hofmann is def. one to watch out for this season @ Viva London. can see huge star potential in this girl :)

  2. Snow White says:

    Hanna W!!!!! This girl is going to be a superstar.
    She takes my breath away.

  3. BK says:

    Nice to see my old atelier in Paris on the MDC.

  4. Lily says:

    Kirsi has card again as she did in NY where she did zero shows, such a disappointment.

  5. Alex says:

    Hanna Wahmer all the way! Her beauty is outstanding !!! STAR.

  6. Anonymous says:

    beauty is power..guess.

  7. Pumpkin says:

    Strange how my two favourite girls are called the same name, HANNA and HANNA.
    These two are just INCREDIBLE >>>> looking forward to watching them both ROCK the London shows.

  8. Aristotelis says:

    I was in Kinder Aggugini show earlier! Omg Hanna Wahmer Omg. Instant love !
    Anxious to see her in Paris though.

  9. Sebastian Mun says:

    the best pair of legs I've got the pleasure to shoot.

  10. WOWZER says:

    Ymre, Romee, Queeny LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  11. FATCAT says:

    Viva forever! Your girls are totally rocking the shows this season! Lena at Burberry was sublime.

  12. Anthony says:

    The best girls in London. Kati,Lena,Queeny,Larissa amazing girlsss but my heart belongs to HANNA OUTSTANDING WAHMER. WHAT A WOMAN.

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