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February 15th, 2012 by Jonathan Shia | Boys, Fashion Week, Menswear, Model News
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Loden Dager’s Fall 2012 outing was a sharp and snappy affair, popping with bright colors and clean cuts that added a touch of insolence to a range of menswear classics. There was a careful nonchalance to the mix-and-match suits and the tough-edged outerwear that felt almost aggressive at times, with a touch of ’80s punk flair in the eyeliner and the straps that circled around a number of pairs of pants. It was a collection that was hip and ineffably cool, from the slouchy beanies down to the one-tone gray Nikes.

Designer: Paul Marlow
Stylist: Andreas Kokkino
Casting: Edward Kim
Images by Kirt Reynolds for models.com

Corey Baptiste, Sean O’Pry,Miles McMillan, Edward Kim with Russell Giardina, Alexander Johansson, Adonis Bosso, Simon Van Meervenne, Angus Low and Andreas Kokkino, David Hlinka (foreground)
Miles McMillan
Sean O’Pry

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. Bruce Edwin says:

    loving that blue eyeliner and the clothes here, dig the strap on that suede jacket, super cool…great guys here

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