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  1. Not on the guest list says:

    What’s the point of NOT putting the last names of the new girls?

  2. PT says:

    Where is CHLOE Wilhelmina?????
    Marc Jacobs girl and no showcard? WTF!!!

  3. ELIZABETH says:



    LOL ;)

  4. A|V says:

    indeed, WHERE IS CHLOE MEMISEVIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON PPL INFO NEED!

  5. tmgreene says:

    so excited to see these girls walk down the NY fashion week shows,
    best show package i’ve seen this season!

  6. estherboys says:

    I’m loving the design of these cards. CAN’T WAIT to see Ebony, Caitlin, Marina, Keilani and Jay Shin at NYFW!!!!

  7. Ben says:

    Amazing job. Beautiful models. Love Wilhelmina

  8. duke says:


  9. Alexandra says:

    Coco and Dempsey! <3

  10. michael says:

    where’s Keke :(

  11. Junior says:

    Fashionette! What a fierce name!

  12. Shazan says:

    What about Keke ? She’s gone …

  13. Timothy Rosado says:

    This show package is really strong!

    Also just because a girls not in a package doesn’t mean she is dropped. There’re other markets and not everyone does NYFW.

  14. Dagmar says:

    Wilhelmina Im so disappointed in you, Interview magazine, Italian and Turkish Vogue, Pop magazine, ID magazine, Marc Jacobs campaign. WHERE IS CHLOE?

  15. FF says:


  16. Crystal says:

    As much as I like Chloe, her look may be too much for NYFW. It’s not the end of the world. She’ll probably show up in Europe.

  17. Dunk says:

    Clean concept, amazing girls, custom made boxes.. Wilhelmina has by far one of the best packages of the season. To all the people obsessing on who is not in it, open your eyes and see the amazing girls this package has!

  18. Gia says:

    Gia Carangi lives on. The greatest model.

  19. bOOT says:

    @ Crystal; speak for yourself darling, because Jacobs, Proenza and Wang don’t agree with you and hopefully Michelle Lee doesn’t either. :P That’s all that matters.

    Chloe’s body is made for clothes!

    xoxo fashion queen of NYC!

  20. Madeline says:


  21. BN View says:

    We are so proud of our best mexican model being in Wilhelmina. Keep doing like that, you are going to be, the mexican hurricane this season.

  22. BN View says:

    By the way this is for ELSA!

  23. shuana says:

    Where is chloe?! obsessed with dempsey and i love kerrie! i love MJ and sung hee and wang xiao is a new top model. love you willy models

  24. Tieg says:

    Yes,Love Love Elsa . . . LOVE ALL the amazing girls and guys coming out this year. Beautiful Wilhelmina show package too and can’t wait to see these great newcomers work the shows.

  25. melanie says:

    ok onto London, does ali stephens still model due to me not seeing her on the runway! Miss you girl!

  26. George R. Horn says:

    Well I for one love Fashionette, since I am the one that actually found her in the Jersey City Mall. I do not know if Wilhelmina is going to use her full name but Fashionette is part of her full name. I know you will be a great model

  27. Enoch Taylor says:

    love you kursten I really am proud of you.

  28. Ms. Evans says:

    We are all VERY PROUD of you Fashionette…. you have come a very lone way and you are an example of what can be done if you have passion, desire and most of All Faith…. WE LOVE YOU! MUCH SUCCESS

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