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  1. Sarah says:

    wait a sec…Ondria is 15..

  2. anlabe says:

    Love Valerija, Ming and Karolina.

  3. Devi says:

    No Karmen Pedaru???

  4. redredruby78 says:

    What does a Ford T-shirt have to do with Egyptian hieroglyphics??????? At least make it COHESIVE!!!!

  5. redredruby78 says:

    This looks more of a punk/victorian theme…

  6. oksav says:

    Ondria is now 16!

    The best show package from all agencies!!! Paul Rowland is a king!!!

    I love Kate King!!! So unique so cool!!!

    Where are Antonia W, Karmen Pedaru,Michaela Hlavackova,Erjona?

  7. Melt says:

    Wonderful Sigrid ! Hope she’ll be everywhere on the runway !

  8. Clarens Tyson says:

    nice concept!

  9. johnny be good says:

    WHAT ?? Sorry, these cards are awful.
    Disappointed. Ford you are better than this.

  10. Karoline says:

    What, no Erjona? This is not good, she was the breakthrough last season. Hope to se her in Paris :)

  11. ebencipe says:

    Charlene Almarvez & Danica M. is not on the show package???? and is Charo still walking NYFW??? I bet she already moved to the commercial division of FORD that is why she is not featured on the mainboard.. =”””((

  12. poiuyli says:

    Where is sofia paras? and simone ?

  13. sarah says:

    KAMILA is stunning

  14. ebencipe says:

    I Wonder if ausieNTM contestant CHantal R. would also be prioritize by FORD just like the other girls>>>>????

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