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  1. savory says:

    alejandra mancia? chantal jones?

  2. Whalen B says:

    Loving the cards!!! These girl are going to be in wheelchairs by the end of the season ;-) Go Ashley, Cierra, Frances, Gaye, Makenna, & Nastasia!!!!!

  3. anna patalano says:

    Grace and Oliva, love the look !!!!!

  4. SAINT says:

    Go Shena and SAM…Jamaica and the SAINT family is proud of you..I know u will represent well..You started the year well at Paris Couture now take it in New York Fall 2012.

  5. anonymous says:

    Gaye & Georgie are the best! A lot of the black girls have similar features.

  6. Jane says:

    Shena’s legs are killer. Gorgeous!

  7. Ryo Stylin says:

    Where’s Ornelia?!!!!!!!!

  8. Louisiana Soro says:

    Lilah parsons ??

  9. SAINT says:

    Hey Ryo Stylin…Orneila is doing final exams this season-like Shena did last fall shows…she will return for the Spring Summer shows in September after she graduates…thanks for the support!

  10. Anagabie says:

    Am for the win. Stunning show package.

  11. karis says:

    Muse has some really great girls and yet those are the ones who aren’t doing shows? WTF!

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