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  1. Junior says:

    Caitlin!!! :’D Was hoping to see Autumn, Lucy or Ellen had a show card though.

  2. tessa says:


  3. bee says:

    where is autumn,ann ward,and jane randall?

  4. Ben says:

    interesting, they put a lot of work into these cards

  5. valeriia says:

    nice package :)

  6. Sarah says:

    WHERE’S JAC??????

  7. Akkshhey says:

    Beautiful photographs

  8. TIMO says:


  9. PR says:

    finally creative show package. just saw tori triggs card and she looks divine. i cant even choose from these ones. all great! big fan of gertrud.

  10. PR says:

    its a small lol on caitlin lomaxs card. dont get me wrong she is great, but the card is funny.

  11. Purpledinosaurxo says:

    No Claire Collins :-(

  12. Ingen Kok says:


  13. chingmam says:

    NO freja :'(
    and the big models not here

  14. savory says:

    hope for jane randall actually.. :(

    btw, sometimes amongs the vs models, i think its time for selita ebanks and lily aldridge to shine in hf industry..

  15. Yeoh says:

    Katryn just rocked haute couture week. I think it’s safe to bet she’ll be doing good this coming show season.

  16. anlabe says:

    And i’m rooting for Katryn, Marte, and Ilse.

  17. anlabe says:

    Oh an Appoline is truly gorgeous.

  18. anlabe says:

    Apart from some big girls we all know, IMG has some serious trouble. Some of the models are so B and C-list.

  19. Amber says:

    Oh I didn’t know Emily DiDonato switched to IMG O_o? Good luck to her, I actually hope to see her on the runway again.

  20. Starpower Management says:

    These are some of the coolest comp. cards ever with amazing girls by one of the best modeling agencies on the planet, very, very great work here

  21. kmodl says:

    There are a lot of unknowns on here… surprising for such a prestigious agency.

  22. Jess says:

    I ADORE the cards, they are so artistical. Congratulations to whoever created them. :)
    P.S.: I feel a bit reluctant due to most of the models IMG chose or better, didn’t…

  23. mark says:

    fingers crossed for Marleen, Martina and Katryn!!!! Go girls!

  24. Dave says:

    BEAUTIFUL package!!!!!!Calling a great selection of models that have cosmetic contracts,campaigns,stellar first seasons, beautiful editorial books or are hoping to have a great first NY fashion week ” B and C List” or ” unknowns” NOT BEAUTIFUL. Uneducated opinions are just the worst and being catty is not “the look”

  25. Rebecca says:

    Where is Vanessa? Where is Freya? Where are all those beautiful and great models?!

  26. HISLENS says:

    The creative direction behind this package is amazing; obsessed with Ajaks’! Sissi Hou looks very promising! A very solid set of girls, per usual.


  27. Anna Patalano says:

    I love the detail put into the photoraphy and illustrations. Let you know the real from the fake.

  28. Shiva says:

    This is totally new. I wonder why, its so weird that there is no LARA, FREJA, my ultimate fave CHANEL. Also, MIRANDA, DARIA, SASHA (she’s preggy though). But why?! Good luck to the new models though! :))

  29. Hilary says:

    Oh my god. Thats the greatest show pack that I have ever seen, for the greatest agency. Where is Freja? Who did this creative? Gorgeous!!!!

  30. ebencipe says:

    JAC and chanel???? I feel so hopeless for the ANTM girls.. i dont see IMG on investing on them…

  31. CharkaB says:

    IMG is the top agency in the world, they can put a package together and purposefully leave women that make millions of dollars out because, they can. Many amazing girls on the main board have bookings and clients that pay considerably more than shows, this at the end of the day is a business, I think its wonderful that IMG has creative and corporate minds that run the agency. Not seeing Freja or Miranda doesn’t bother me, they will be in Paris. As for the other amazing girls on the main board, they are obviously working enough that IMG can push the new girls and spawn a new breakthrough every season. The only downside to all of this is, the women on the main board that are truly amazing sometimes get put to the side, I don’t think they mind. After all going to 15 castings a day and running between shows for show rates is not so fun, if your used to making 15k a day. Its actually funny at the end of the day casting directors who assume they decide fashion shows, are stuck with who the agency sends. Its pretty amazing, because they bite, hook, line and sinker. It would be interesting to see if the casting directors and clients bite on the new or request the women that have been consistent season after season.

  32. helendapowlowski says:

    Jeneil is with IMG now I see

  33. Ada says:

    God who’s that Appoline girl? Gorgeous

  34. Jane says:

    The key word is Big names.
    They don’t need showcards duh!
    B-list is for actors not models. New Models come in off the boat all the time….They’re showcasing their new talent & sprinkling in familiar, but not yet so big talent. IMG is the biggest. I think they know what they’re doing lol.

  35. Polly O says:

    It may be so that some of the biggest names at IMG are not included in this, which is a shame for them… I’d love to see Freja or Jac all mixed up with a Boucher or Raphael. Their loss really:) Big ups to the creative behind these mash-ups, very well done.

  36. Dragan Mrdja says:

    These are smoking!!!
    Have to check out those guys from Benard Design. I really love that it has so much character, so unique..don’t remember seeing anything so original lately, although it reminds me of Antonio Lopez fashion illustrations, but then I guess it’s even more of a compliment


  37. legz says:


  38. KAAN says:

    This is for all the models at IMG, break a leg!!!
    toi toi toi

    LOVE > Marleen and Gertrud

  39. jamie says:

    so beautiful! I’ve never really seen anything like this. Props to the creative and to IMG for having the guts to push so hard when they really don’t need to put their foot to the metal. I love the contrast of timeless beauty flush up against the next faces we will see in fashion magazines. Very bold.
    :) Caitlyn Lomax looks like she is having fun in her down time!

  40. Jonathan says:

    I hope Sasha will come back very soon. I love her.

  41. Nitzan says:

    Love these images . It’s not the first time Benard reinvents new standards for this industry .
    So creative , dreamy , unexpected , inspiring . Always pushing it to the edge and taking it to another level .

  42. Chris Cao Doodle says:

    well done and very beautiful.

  43. jamie says:

    Love Vilma ! very strong !

  44. Aleksandra Sasha Nesterchuk says:

    IMG you TOP all the expectations for this season BRAVO

  45. Daeja says:

    What a beautiful job by James of Benard Design, he took beautiful women and paired them with beautiful paintings to make such an amazing package! Thank you for sharing Models.com!

  46. ebencipe says:

    @Daeja: Sooo agree.. this is by far the most beautiful showpackage in NY agencies…

  47. Cathyand Kyle Sokol says:

    Danielle Z…gorgeous! Love the shot too!

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