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August 15th, 2008 by doshka | Boys, Model News, Model of the Week
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model of the week

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland- ReQuest Model Management’s Jenry is the latest newcomer to nab MOTW.
See details here…

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  1. sweetface says:

    OMG what a fine man he is for 18!!!!

  2. Trevor says:

    he is gorgeous
    and from Maryland
    where i live big props

  3. raie says:

    he reminds me of tyson

    ohh so sexy!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shameer says:

    strong look.

  5. Rik says:

    he was on american idol two years ago

  6. Dorothy says:

    He is absolutely gorgeous!
    I can see him doing very well in the industry.

  7. kev says:


  8. Jeane says:

    He is the clone of Tyson Beckford.

    Nothing new. He is just pretty boy with taut body, that’s all.

  9. caramel says:

    omg too sxc…

  10. caramel says:

    wow he is very hot stunning…

    HE is something special

  11. luiz leite says:

    nunca vi um black tão fantastico como esse!

  12. Beauty Confessional says:

    I remember him from American Idol. He is the clone of tsyon beackford. But then again CLaudia schiffer is clone of Bridgitte Baardot.


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