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August 11th, 2008 by doshka | Girls, Model News, Model of the Week
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  1. brenda says:

    she doesn’t even look 15. wow!!!

  2. ryder says:

    she is 15 / 14???
    she defintley doesnt look like that.
    im not supporter of that young new faces, but i will defintley
    keep my eye on this one for she is gorgeus.
    look at those eyes… lovely.

  3. Henry Barnacle says:

    Umm, a 14 year old girl in provocative bikini photos? Inappropriate!!

  4. MDC_348293 says:

    wow she is only 14 nd she doesn’t even look like it!!

  5. Eamon says:

    The thing that annoys me about younger girls is not the “child protection” aspect as I remember how aware I was at that age.

    It’s just that it’s so unnecessary with so many gorgeous, working, older girls. Many of them struggling to butter their bread.

    I understand the obsession but I can’t justify it. I mean, can a 14 year old *actually* sell a fashion label?

  6. Ikmal says:

    She has a unique face and I think she is fantastic

  7. Eamon says:

    She’s obviously beautiful. I could have waited 2 years to see her face though.

  8. raie says:

    i agree, shes gorgeous lovely beautiful girl

    but at 14 they just so young

  9. Nilton_A_Jr says:

    She looks like an angel! Will be a fantastic model in a near future!

  10. DJPrin-Z says:

    Wow she’s amazing…..


  11. Anaaax3 says:

    She is very beutiful.
    14 is young but with her look i think she can make it very far and age shouldn’t matter. It’s how you represent your work and how professional you are in the business.

    Best of luck!

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