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Ty/Independent Models. Pols courtesy of Independent. Also with Beatrice Models Milan and NY Models

Ty’s singular features were a standout on the runway for his first full season. Exclusive for Dior this past January, he followed up with Versace, Belstaff, Costume National, Hermes, Krizia and Etro. OTM loves that his unique look appeals to the range of blue chip clients.

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  1. DidiDiva says:

    Goorrrgeeeeouuuusssss!!!! Enough said.

  2. raie says:

    i love his eyes!

  3. kev says:

    sooooo cool……
    he looks like Lion-O from the Thundercats!

  4. j-son says:

    He wears contacts,
    He is good looking though

  5. Adam says:

    Love him!

  6. Doug says:

    color contacts? LAME, consider my interest in him over.

  7. simon sade says:

    I think he looks good, its ok if he wears contacts they suit him, and if they look so natural in a polaroid why not wear them?

  8. Chales Dent says:

    He has a great look that’s totally his own.

  9. brownisthenewblack says:

    FINALLY!…i needed to learn his name…we need him to be model of the week so that we can get all up in his back story PRONTO…love him…want to be him…want him…it’s all toooo much!

  10. cristian garcia says:

    I adore this guy! Anyone knows how i can contact him??? I met him in Milan, he’s gorgeous and soooo much fun!

  11. knowitall says:

    J-son: I can categorically confirm that Ty does NOT wear coloured contacts…

  12. betty says:

    Hi J-Son,
    Ty does not wear colored contacts. I checked with his agent.
    There is no way a high end working model would wear colored
    contacts, it would be much frowned upon by his agency (if the
    agency is a top agency of course).


  13. betty says:

    Not to mention it looks ridiculously fake in photographs.


  14. Mr.Freddy says:

    Oh my god i think he is sexy!!!n that eyes
    ouwhhhhhhh make me so hornnnnnn
    hiihihi just kidding^^

  15. Tyler B. says:

    I don’t understand why my comment was deleted..?

    Also his last name is Ogunkoya if anyone wanted to google him. And why would anyone want to believe what an agency says when they lie about models heights, backgrounds, and everything just to create an image if they can. Anyways, contacts or not, I think he’s definitely someone to watch out for. He’s got such beautiful features.

  16. betty says:

    We don’t publish all the comments. They have to be relevant
    to the post or add something new… It must have been
    something that people had been saying already. This is a
    practice that all blogs do.. from the NYTimes, to your average
    smaller blog.

    As for agencies lying.. I worked at an agency and they “fudge”
    the height and age sometimes.. backgrounds not so much… In
    this day and age, clients have no patience for models that
    aren’t what they seem… There’s too much competition… If a
    model doesn’t work out/doesn’t match the “statistics”/story,
    there are dozens right behind him/her waiting in line.

    I always give the agency the benefit of the doubt. The good
    ones’ reputations depend on being reliable.


  17. Adefemi Adeokun says:

    Contact lens or not Ty Ogunkoya got the looks to make it big as a super model.

  18. olotu says:

    Damn!!! I went to high school with this guy in Nigeria. Very smart guy, good at basketball and popular too. Good to see him making it. I dont remember if his eyes were green or not though but I do remember he wore glasses in class at times. WOW!!!! Very surreal

  19. doug says:



  20. Shine says:

    Ty is gorgeous and the funniest guy I’ve ever met!
    He’s easy to find is you party around London town

  21. sheezy says:

    He’s my bro, he is easy to find at a party

  22. sheezy says:

    And he wears clear contacts some times, his eyes are green

  23. tara says:

    he is gorgeous I hope I can meet him when I become a model

  24. Gry says:

    This boys eyes are real! i saw him at Ozwald Boatangs show in London, there was also another boy, he was lighter than Ty but had much more bigger and greener eyes he also done the show, he looks very intresting, could someone help me with his name and agency please?

  25. Gilda Dior says:

    I guess its not frowned upon when a high end fashion model wears contacts, here is a picture of him with his contacts on and u can clearly see these are contacts he is wearing


    Brown or Green eyes he is still a very good looking kid and he is definitly some1 to watch out for!

    I guess contacts do work for the fashion industry if they look very natural!

    Betty this just goes to prove to you, that agencys fib sometimes!

  26. betty says:

    I was an agent for almost 10 years, believe me I know that agents fib.. About age, about height, about what jobs the models do, etc. While the pic certainly makes his eyes look unreal… you still never know until you see them in person. I have to say that I have met people who have incredible eyes, sometimes so eerily beautiful that I’m sure that they have contacts… I’m a nice enough person that they let me look at their eyes from just inches away and I see that indeed what looks fake from far away is actually very real.


  27. GB says:

    He’s my friend’s brother. And yes he wears contacts. His eyes are really brown.

  28. ROGER says:

    Saw the pic. His eyes are fake. I wear green contacts and it looks exactly like his. I used to wear blue contacts and people always thought they were real. I would always tell the truth. He’s an ok looking guy. Not crazy about the hair. By the way, I’ve worked for one of NY top 10 modeling agencies and let me tell you. We had a girl who was malato in our agency who wore green contacts. We even put it that way on the site. Some days she would wear her clear contacts and most of the time she would walk in with her green ones. We’d sell her as green eyes though. Doesn’t matter, she’s working pretty regular and everyone loves her. If it looks natural, why not sell them that way.

  29. shaney says:

    omg!!!!! he’s lush!!!!!! do you see the heart thing on his pec??!! he’s GAWJUS!!! his eyes are amazing whether they’re real or fake, it doesn’t bother me! god, look at him!!! OMG!!! party in london?? which party?? is he londonish?? god he SO fit!!!!!! i want him!!! anyone knows where he lives or his number?? or his email??

  30. Kamara says:

    hes very handsome. I wonder if those are his eyes, because I’ve never met a Nigerian with eyes like that~

  31. BM says:

    He wears contacts , we went to school together , he’s 100 % Nigerians , Africans are very diverse physically , but those eyes are not part of the diversity … I think his mother was a Fulani and his father a Yoruba .

  32. Yomtastic says:

    he doesn’t wear contacts – those are his eyes. yeh, he’s hot

  33. Rick says:

    I know Ty and yes he has natural green eyes people, so stop hatin on my bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get em son !!!!!!

  34. DavidO says:


  35. kemi says:

    Yeah, he is Nigerian, O!!! Us Nigerians are very beautiful and he certainly is!

  36. Lala says:

    Reading all these comments has to be the funniest thing ive seen ever
    1.He is 100 per cent nigerian,nothing more (Why does he look different you ask? because he just does,I am nigerian, but I have been mistaken for latin and what not,no biggie)

    2.His real eye colour is normal brown not green,they are contacts…

    Take it from nigerian people who actually know him from WAYYYYY back before his modelling days.

  37. Adefemi Adeokun says:

    Any recent portfolios from this dude? what agency represents him now?

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