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October 27th, 2011 by Janelle | Industry News, Model News, Parties
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CEO of Macys Terry Lundgren, Giambattista, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Chanel Iman & Jessica Stam wearing looks from the collection| All images Janelle Okwodu for Models.com

Giambattista Valli brought a touch of European chic to New York at the launch of his new collection for Macy’s. The Valli look has long been popular with ladies in search of on-trend elegance and bringing that feel to a lower price point is sure to attract tons of new fans. If the enthusiasm of shoppers and guests at last night’s event is any indication Valli and Macy’s have a surefire hit on their hands. Everyone from the legendary Lee Radziwill, to modeling stars Jessica StamChanel Iman and Hanaa Ben Abdesslem came to show their support.

Giambattista Valli and Bianca Brandolini

Piperlime’s Olivia Palermo

Valli walks iconic social fixture Lee Radziwill through the collection.

The evening’s DJ Harley Viera-Newton spun a mix of pop hits and Motown classics.

Hanaa taking a little break from the spotlight.

One of our favorite little accessories from the Impulse line.

Matthew from Team Giambattista with Hanaa and Stam.

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  1. rodrigo says:

    all cool…but iam bit dissapoint…models.com slowly but surley it becomes the perezhilton of fashion…i like your old concept just like it was 3,4years ago how come model of the week isnt that important like it used to be…where is selection?i know as usual because of the bipolar disorder you guys have my comment will not be put on display…but honestly,whats the problem fashion becomes equal as the keeping up with the kardashians…trailertrash

  2. rodrigo says:

    as i assumed…:) thanks models.com good reason not visit you again…

  3. Janelle says:

    Please wait more than 15 minutes before assuming your comment has been rejected.

    Though now that we’ve given you good reason never to return perhaps we won’t have to deal with this kind of nonsensical commentary. There is a whole section of the site devoted to Models of the Week and new faces, “sureley” you know this. If you’re craving three years ago visit archive.org and look at things from three years ago.

  4. Kevin says:

    hey rodrigo, call us when we start writing on our own pics in MS Paint

  5. Anya says:

    Wohoo Valli! He’s tough on us models but a master at his work. So happy to see him for Impulse. And beautiful crowd :)

    *Thanks models.com, as a FORD model who references this site daily*

  6. Christopher Yong says:

    GREAT insights… I wish I see more pictures of Giambattista Valli on the beautiful GIRLS who attended!
    He’s such a talent – I hope this scope brings him more customer$$$ & fans alike!!!

    @ F(art)SHiON

  7. Josh says:

    @Anya- What do you mean he is “tough on us models”?

  8. julia says:

    lol, some people REALLY need to get lives.

    keep up the always good work models.com and it was lovely hanging out with you as always xx

  9. TeeVanity says:

    I like that red purse, nice pictures Janelle. OMG I am gonna learn to drink cocktails like Hanaa – so fierce.

    Rodrigo, that’s not nice mate, everything thing posted on models.com is model and fashion related.

  10. Bruce Edwin says:

    Beautiful models here, and I love that Valli is wearing that necklace- that’s a very simple yet powerful statement of f__king with the aesthetic of fashion, particularly at a place like Macy’s- which carries some great designers but is more conservative- that is a bold move…as for the detractors here, models dot com I suggest you do not even dignify such ignorance with a response… that is just what detractors and these types want is attention…you do great work and provide a great service and site and those that don’t like it can go start their own online magazine

  11. alejandro says:

    My eye goes straight to Hanaa in every shot.. She’s Gorgeous!

  12. X() Model says:

    Thank you for the exclusive photo shoot. I would have never got to see these awesome photos.

  13. Amy says:

    Chanel looks so pretty, I love the new highlights in her hair

  14. redredruby says:

    Oooooh,Hanaa,I hope that isn’t alcohol that you are drinking!!!

  15. Kevin says:

    @redredruby it was water

  16. Lucie says:

    Hanaa looks lovely

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