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July 22nd, 2008 by doshka | Girls, Model News, Model of the Week
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  1. Natasha K. says:

    WOW. I am VERY excited about this one. I havent seen something like this since Sasha, even Tanya.

  2. Natasha K. says:

    WOW. I am very excited about this one.
    This girl is as axciting as when Sasha or Tanya, first hit the scene

  3. Fabio Lage says:

    She is pretty!

  4. Andrew A says:

    It’s nice to see someone with brown eyes for once.

  5. ryder says:

    this girl is everywhere. everybody is posting about her.
    she is really exciting-really different face. what i dont like is
    the fact that i c-she is so young.
    i can wait for her to develop. till than-still not my fav.
    my eyes r for now on magalie.

  6. Natasha K. says:

    she is 18! this is not young in modeling!

    I agree with Andrew, it is absolutely REFRESHING to see a model with beautiful brown eyes just like Magdalena!

    I cant wait to see more of Irina!

  7. MDC_345556 says:

    hey nice pics

  8. MDC_345556 says:

    nice pics gal real cute

  9. mark says:

    Love her

  10. Danik says:

    our girl:) nice

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