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July 25th, 2008 by doshka | Girls, Model News, Model of the Week
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model of the week

Hailing from France – Success Models’ Mathilde is the latest newcomer to nab MOTW.
See details here…

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  1. Fabio Lage says:

    She has pretty eyes!!
    So fabulous!

  2. raie says:

    shes is so beautiful!!!

  3. ryder says:

    at last! model i really have fate in!

  4. Simon says:

    Beautiful eyes…

  5. bea au says:

    I think if she cut her hair off, she will have an increditable
    look as I have seen a twiggy face here

  6. rp90 says:

    omg ur sooo right!!! if she does cut her hair she would look so much like twiggy

  7. Aoife says:

    Nooo her hair is so lovely!

  8. Elisa says:

    Mathilda seems to be so sensible, nice and sweety girl!!!

    you will be the first within few years !!

  9. Debby says:

    love her she is amazing

  10. Bailey says:

    Shes absolutely gorgeous I love her eyes

  11. clementine says:

    I love Mathilde , she’s so cute , so beautiful !!!

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