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  1. Luna says:

    Marleen strikingly beautiful, strong face, piercing eyes!! And Xiao Wen is still one of my favorites.

  2. Liz says:

    Where is Barbara Palvin ???

  3. candie-o says:

    Zhu Lin is so gorgeous! Hope she breaks out!!!

  4. iam chalky says:

    Ajak is so fab.

  5. yick says:

    Freja!!!! <3 Finally!

  6. stace says:

    The timeless and incomparable Alek Wek!!!

  7. John Burke says:

    the girls-IMS is good models and little beautiful.

  8. chingmam says:


  9. adam says:

    Court looks interesting. what is her last name?

  10. moonchild says:

    FREJA <3

  11. Don't understand says:

    Where is Vanessa Hegelmaier?

  12. Niama says:

    TARA GILL. I need more of her on the runway

  13. gino says:

    Love, Mysterious Marleen

  14. Rebecca says:

    Freya looks great, but where is Vanessa Hegelmaier?!?!

  15. Daniel says:

    One girl just really hits the runway better then others.
    It’s all about Marleen.

  16. dein says:

    Freja Beha Erichsen. she’s so far from every other girl. lots of amazing models out here but nothing compares to her

  17. Marquis says:

    joan, freja, andreea, marleen ilsa and tara..<3

  18. Karoline says:

    Yes, finally, Freja

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