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Next Milan S/S 12 Show Package

Abbey Lee

Alina Baikova

Aline Weber

Anja Rubik

Arizona Muse

Cora Keegan

Ella Kandyba

Emilia Nawarecka

Georgia Hilmer

Iris Van Berne

Isabel Hickman

Julia Frauche

Karlie Kloss

Kendra Spears

Ksenia Malanova

Lindsay Lullman

Lydia Carron

Magda Laguinge

Magdalena Langrova

Maria Flavia

Martha Hunt

Masha Irisova


Nimue Smit

Olga Sherer

Rose Smith

Ruby Aldridge

Shu Pei



Zuzanna Bijoch

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. leila says:

    where is tati this season?

  2. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    Well, if we exclude “giants” like Karlie and Nimue (ok, and Arizona…), I’d like to mention Lindsay, who I simply love (talking about runway and shows especially), and… for totally different reasons Ksenia (Malanova), imo a “gold mine of still unexpressed potential”.

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