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September 16th, 2011 by Janelle | Collections, Model News, Womenswear
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Enjoy the view behind the scenes and from the front row of one of the season’s biggest and best shows. Costa’s vision for Calvin is light, airy and utterly sophisticated – see it all only in MDX.


  1. RICCARDO says:

    flawless casting this seaoson!!! i cant say the same for marc …beyond disappointing ….some kind of a joke

  2. aleks_the fox says:

    amazing! just amazing. they’re all so beautiful.

  3. karina says:

    Ok, but why not even ONE brazilian girl at the show??!? never… Maybe for Francisco Costa his own country has no good model to walk on the show….

  4. Christopher Yong says:

    BEAUTIFULLY breathtaking show… but casting went overtly ONE-sided… a token black girl… that’s it!?! no Asian representation…?!?! the casting this season for Calvin Klein left me a bit speechless…

  5. richard says:

    Yeah I was quite shocked at the obviousness of one token black model. Even on this photo she is the only one shoved behind the others, although most likely a coincidence.

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