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September 20th, 2011 by Jonathan Shia | Boys, Collections, Menswear, Model News
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Michael Bastian with the models from his S/S 12 show. Image by Richard Gerst

The spirit of James Dean watched over Michael Bastian’s showing of his Spring 2012 collection—literally. With a faint outline of one of Dean’s most iconic images as the backdrop, Bastian opened with a model who served as the gone-too-soon actor’s doppelganger: his hair tousled, he slouched down the runway, darting his bespectacled eyes from side to side with a wounded look, in a red canvas windbreaker that mimicked Dean’s famous look from “Rebel Without a Cause.” The rest of the collection followed similar lines, without quite as much literalness; the Michael Bastian customer expects the grown-up glen plaid suits and sharp tuxedo jackets with an edge that were shown along with the repurposed and modernized preppy sportswear that seemed more in keeping with the youthful attitude of the star of “East of Eden.” This was an assured and coherent outing from a designer who is known for his mining of mid-century Americana, with clean pieces in bright colors that were luxurious to the touch if unsurprising visually. It takes a certain kind of man to wear Michael Bastian, one who is confident in his own style and knows what works and has the courage to stick with it.

Designer: Michael Bastian
Casting director: Roger Innis
Behind the scenes photos: Betty Sze for models.com

The opener, Brennen Steines (Ford)

Vladimir Ivanov, Brad Kroenig

Ryan Vigilant

Leebo Freeman

Marcel Harris and Sebastian Sauvé

Leo Vlasic Klasan and Hampus Lück

Ryan Kennedy, Chad White and ?

Jonathan Marquez

Martin Landgreve, ?, ?

?,Claudio Monteiro, River Viiperi

?, Jon Esposito, Matt Clunen (Ford)

Helge Gjerstad, Arthur Sales

?, Helge

?,?, Jamie Jewitt

Scott Barnhill

Vincent LaCrocq, Joey Slomowitz

Paolo Roldan

Jae Yoo

Missy Rayder in a special guest appearance.

See the full collection at Style.com.

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  1. Barrio Dimitri says:

    Michael Bastian is simply superb! Something like the menswear ‘god’. I love this versatile collection.


  2. Damion Rochester says:

    There is no reason that I shouldn’t be modeling.

  3. Matias Gaffoglio says:

    Wish i had a shot at being a model with a big name agency..

  4. fashionfan says:

    There is only one James Dean!


    But nice to see a tribute to the late great actor. :)

  5. mimi says:

    the question mark model is COREY WALLACE

  6. gabe says:

    I’ve noticed that even the male models have started losing weight. Ryan and Chad look skinnier than usual.

  7. Angelique says:

    The Third model to the right on the 8th picture who is African American is model RL Bond represented by orangemodels.ca


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