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  1. jane says:

    Impressive group of girls.

    MDC where are those pics of Chanel from?dont recall ever seeing them

  2. Josh says:

    Oooh does this mean Joan will be walking in London again?

  3. Kevin says:

    @jane I believe those pictures are from the latest issue of Wonderland

  4. Sapto says:

    Oooh, they listed Chanel Iman for London. Wonder which designer(s) will she booked.

  5. tasha says:

    where’s jac?

  6. haylenely says:

    No JAC?

  7. roo says:

    Good to see IMG investing on new faces, like Johanna. :) She was featured on MDC new faces!

  8. anlabe says:

    Well, Jac never walks London right.
    Hope to see Anabela at a few shows. She was a burberry favorite, but stopped walking London in F/W 10.

  9. HH says:

    Happy to see Dana^^

  10. Dior says:

    i want freja ,sasha and jac
    BTW,this show package is better than which in NYC

  11. kathi says:

    much better than ny i agree! and finally, a cool design among the showpacks!!!

  12. NWC says:

    so many exciting new faces!!

  13. Daniel says:

    i agree with the exciting new faces

  14. charly says:

    irina k look interesting …
    hope she will come in paris )))

  15. charly says:

    chelsea and rudy … also :))

  16. gino says:

    Marleen, WOW incredible face,

  17. jake says:

    i think jamie looks incredible. she was also featured on the new faces section recently; i really hope she becomes a star, with a face and body as striking as hers she definitely could go far

  18. 7six says:

    Adina, great opener of the showpack!

  19. ebencipe says:

    Andreea diaconu is sooo gorgeous.. glad to see her

  20. Liz says:

    Adina & Barbara Palvin!!!!!!

  21. Nuno says:

    @Liz yes! the Hungarians are rocking it!

  22. Daniel says:

    Deeply surprised about some girls, had really hoped to see them shining more. Good luck for all of them

  23. Nuno says:

    @Daniel, they were there! so many img girls on catwalks this season! Theres, Jenny, Martha, Samantha, Harriet, Zhulin, Xiao, Ilse, Gertrud, Charlotte, Caitlin, Ajak, Marleen, Tilda and sooo on every show had at least a few img models! Think the bigger ones were exclusive to 1-1 designer.

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