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  1. tommy fields says:

    Dying to see who breaks out this season…. I bet it’s Liao

  2. Trevor says:

    This has to be the strongest package i’ve seen.
    Some of the most exquisite new faces (Josilyn, Krystal, Liao, and Crystal) as well as returning beauties (Magdalena, Edita, Saskia, Emily, Simone, and Bette!!) I am hoping Luisa, Vika, and Maud will finally get their breakthrough moment.


  3. oh gurl please says:

    OMG!!!! the best new faces i’ve seen so far!!! OMG!! Krystal Glynn! Caterina!wow!!!!! so excited to see what’s going to happen!!!

  4. Mehdi says:

    Hind is simply stunning and painfully underrated !! she must get her big time !!!

  5. ModernMan says:

    SEVERE roster this season! Watching out for Liao, Saskia, Maud, et Luisa!
    Why do DNA girls seem to be effortlessly cool?

  6. nathan says:

    OMG . Cant wait to see the new Aussie Krystal Glynn. Amazing runway body !!!!

  7. Lily says:

    Damn it, I heard in advance that Kirsi doesn’t have a card because of school. So only Finnish model with a NY card is Suvi and like I’ve said I don’t but any high hopes on her.

  8. Johnny says:

    amazing girls… DNA has done it again!

  9. Zie says:

    so many new faces this season!! gorgeous board dna

  10. ellie says:

    Great job, DNA! Krystal G. really stands out.

  11. L. says:

    So glad to see CODIE YOUNG!!! I hope she has an incredible season, her look is so unique!

  12. amby says:

    The showcards are very minimalist but the girls are AMAZING!!

    Josilyn Williams already made the cut in Cutblog’s top 10 newcomer, yaayyy!!

  13. Heidi says:

    Crystal Noreiga immediately called out to me.
    I mean with these top amazing faces how can one say this is not a killer show package?
    Go DNA!

  14. lina says:

    No shows for Kirsi this season !! It coincides with her exams !!

  15. lina says:

    Hind !!! <3

  16. Gio says:

    Great new girls, really cool looking. That Crystal Norega is stunning with alot of presense, also the other Krytal. Im sure they will be top 10 newcomers this season.

  17. oh gurl please says:

    Meaghan Waller and Lexi could also be a pleasant surprise!

  18. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    Personally, here my “DNA three musketeers” are Codie, Emily and Caterina… :)
    PS btw I hope Maud will change a little her expressivity and attitude on the runway, ’cause I find her somehow noteworthy but so far from that point of view I’m not exactly enthusiastic.

  19. John Heere says:

    Haha! I think a certain someone is pushing Krystal! Why do people make it so obvious! Yikes!

  20. busy says:

    Codie’s really going to bring it home this season, she is so unique!

  21. Anastasia says:

    Emily is so very different. My favorite!

  22. Anna says:

    gorgeous board!! amazing new faces! there is no doubt, this is a best package i saw in my life! DNA the best!

  23. Kiwiraro says:

    DNA has such a phenomenal package and as the previous few seasons, really seem to be setting the bar! Great to see Emily and Jessica again – will be very interesting in watching them and love the look of Krystal!! Fantastic girls. Understated with a presence and as said above, “effortlessly cool”!!

  24. Style Savvy says:

    Watch out for Meaghan Waller, she already shot for US Vogue and V Magazine and is confirmed for Donna Karan.

  25. oh gurl please says:

    Josilyn could be a nice surprise as well!

  26. oh gurl please says:

    love that Edie Campbell!

  27. ILoveModels says:

    I find Lexi Russel stunning. Next beauty thing I hope?
    Strong girls as always. Glad to see Alessandra is being represented. Love seeing her do high fashion. Sexy girls can do it too. In fact its what the industry needs now a days. Strong boned structured faces look better to the insiders then the outsiders. Outsiders like beauty they can relate to and want to have. Alessandra Ambrosio is a beyond perfect portrayal of that.

  28. kirsy says:

    Hind is gorgeous !! she’s my fav !!

  29. Mario says:

    I’m finally hoping for an impeccable show season from Alessandra! Not just one show here and there, but a knock out, fingers crossed for what DNA can do for her!

  30. elena says:

    hind habibti!

  31. carola says:

    Crazy about Caterina Ravaglia, Crystal Noriega looks like an interesting face, and Hind should definitely be more famous.

    Also looking forward to more Bette Franke and Saskia de Brauw.

  32. carola says:

    Kirsi will be missed this season, that kind of face is very rarely seen, so necessary in fashion.

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