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  1. Ryo Stylin says:

    No Sedene? ;o

  2. neilyoungfam says:

    omg.. that girl JUANA¡¡¡ SHE IS¡¡¡ she is¡¡
    NICE show package¡

  3. jolieann says:

    Where is Patricia vander Vliet???

  4. Stella says:

    Love this art direction, clean , simple and clever.. Sui he kills it and right to open the package ..

  5. Ad_U says:

    Where is Patricia? Sofia Krawczyk?
    So happy for Juana Burga!

  6. robert A says:

    Dovile is back… looking great …

  7. Alfonso says:

    marihenny!! been seeing her pop up a lot!

  8. Alfonso says:

    does anyone know how old marihenny is she looks really young and amazing

  9. Anna-Style says:

    Great Show Pack!
    Sui He and Melissa are beautiful.
    Ben back on the runway? My early 2000’s obssession is satisfied! And Dovile is looking great.

  10. anlabe says:

    I hope the best for Marihenny!
    BUT WHERE IS PATRICIA???????????? :O:O:O

  11. Coco says:

    GREAT cards!!!!!

  12. Not on the guest list says:

    Where is Martina Correa?? I thought she was with NYMM, also does anyone know where the hell Pilar Solchaga is??

  13. intern says:

    Stephanie Rad now with NYMM ??? good move for her .. Patricia has been doing less and less shows , i guess she’s skipping a season.

  14. Trickymaus says:

    Kudos to Duncan, Erin, Cory, Steven and George at NYM – The cards on the girls look AMAZING!!!

  15. VanessaD. says:

    Liza what a unique face. Good luck to girls!

  16. Not on the guest list says:

    Who decides if a model skips a season, the model or the agency?

  17. PolyAnna says:

    missing a lot of girls!!! marihenny and reny are my favorite! can’t wait to see them walk!! good luck!

  18. Beth says:

    GREAT PACKAGE NY MODELS . Sui he, Olga, Juju are my favs.. great new girls .. love Heleen ..

  19. Jaz says:

    is it just me or does Annabella look like a baby Amber Valetta ?? beautiful.

  20. ebencipe says:

    I wish Fatima Siad would walk NYFW… Sui he is sooo beautiful…

  21. legz says:

    Love how the full length body shots were done.

  22. scout says:


  23. Marie says:

    Absolute three favorites are Liza, Marihenny and Dovile.. All the best wishes girls!

  24. Marie says:

    @Notontheguestlist… they don’t neccesarily skip a season.. some girls are simply not shown in the show package but still get sent off to castings. Other reasons: Girl is Out Of Town, etc.

  25. PR says:


  26. Billy says:

    Love the use of the white paint and polariods. Very Self Service. great to see them keep the package tight with all the right models.

  27. Heidi says:

    A shout out to Nitzan Krinsky for helping NYMM put together an awesome show package with his stunning polaroids.
    In reference to the models: Marihenny adore her!!!!!!! Jia Jing, Liza and Dovile are also insane! Such distinct backgrounds does NYMM put together.

  28. ILoveModels says:

    Haha! I love this concept. This polaroid idea has been catching on lately and I’m glad to see an agency is using it. Longates the models as well.
    I absolutely love Dovile and Liza. Both girls have been around for quite a while actually. Again- stunning.

  29. rodrigo says:


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