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  1. Barbara says:


  2. Coco says:

    Best Show package for guys!!!!!! :)

  3. ONTHERADAR says:


  4. Alfonso says:

    another awesome selection!

  5. kiki says:

    Seriously, the calibre of Wilhelmina this season is beyond. A great mix of established faces and new ones.

  6. paris says:

    Adrian Cardoso the best! NO COMMENT! molas tio!

  7. Nicole says:

    Marlon Teixeira and Hampus Lück hot hot hot hot!!!!!

  8. Brooklyn says:

    where is Noah Mills????? This is the first time I don’t see him the line up????

  9. Not on the guest list says:

    Lots of guys from Argentina!!

  10. iam CHALKY says:

    This one looks good.

  11. iam CHALKY says:

    Tim is the best one here.

  12. rafael says:

    Marlon all the way,most beautiful and sexy male model.

  13. lucylu says:

    Adrian CardosO, Yes! HE IS SO FASHION/SEXY!!

  14. Steph says:

    Wilhelmina sells the classic MAN beautifully. No children allowed. Thats why they are the best.

  15. Barbara says:

    I love that MATT KING, wow he’s so different and strong looking. Great Great bunch of guys!

  16. Marleen Raquel says:

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