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  1. Alfonso says:

    caleb keller wow!

  2. amby says:

    New York Model have some of the industry’s rising faces: Charlie France, Jamie Wise and Alexander Johansson

    I’d love to see more from Brendan Ruck, Michael Basquette, Jason Wilder and Caleb Keller for the upcoming season!


  3. J.P says:

    Austin Hall .. future star !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chanel says:

    caleb keller is also known as caleb trent

  5. PolyAnna says:

    Yes! http://models.com/models/caleb-trent – In reference to Caleb Keller or Trent.

    Would anyone please like to specify why this is so?! He is an amazing model and has a far future ahead for him in this industry.

    Good show package! Goood Luck!

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