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  1. Stephen says:

    So cute & funny! The guys who used high school photos look kinda the same…

  2. Zie says:

    This is creative hahaha. love

  3. Alex says:

    Brazilian agence Way Model Mgt just made that in 2009 http://models.com/oftheminute/?p=11384

  4. David Todd says:

    This is amazing and extremely creative! We love Jason & Soul!

  5. Anton says:

    best… thing… ever….

  6. kiki says:

    Soul Artist wins! I love this so much

  7. Calvin W says:

    This seriously makes me smile. Doug’s is SO classic. And Antonio? Fresh even from back in the day, Mr. V! *Licks lips* Haha


  8. helenapow says:

    Sebastian has been fierce since he was a kid!

    Jae is adorable, probably the only asian guy i find attractive :)

    Antonio is soo fine!

    Simon is another cutie pie ofcorse.

  9. Xanax says:

    This is too cute and adorable!
    Terron Wood was a chubby kid back in the day.

  10. PR says:

    so fun. finally fun showcards!

  11. Coco says:

    Wow great idea and so cute!!!

  12. Ben A. says:

    hahahaha this is an interesting concept. Like some Cold Stone Ice Cream… Love it.

  13. ONTHERADAR says:


  14. Showme says:

    Love the guys!!! A bit too much hype?

  15. PolyAnna says:

    these guys have been very strong faces!! good luck and best wishes to all.

  16. Travis says:

    Proud to be a Soul Man

  17. Randy says:

    Paolo so cute and innocent when he was small!

  18. Steve says:

    Great cards. Best out there this week. Love the new guy – Ben. I remember him as a kid model with Ralph Lauren. He is going to be big.

  19. David Todd @ Nous says:

    River! You were such a cutie! We love you!

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