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  1. John says:

    Lyn’s the best, great bone structure…

  2. JAD says:

    where are all the top models from elite?

  3. Joe says:

    Does this mean Kate King , Caroline Brasch Nielsen ,Maddie Kulicka etc won’t be walking in any New York shows next season?

  4. Kate says:


    Doubtful…pretty much all the girls who left Elite have new agencies now. Kate King is with Ford, Caroline Brasch Nielsen is with Marilyn, don’t know about Maddie. I’m sure we’ll see them on the runway in New York this season, just with new representation!

    This season will be very interesting for Elite. Looks like Leyla and Vick are ones to watch.

  5. Crystal says:

    It would be cool to see Darla doing runway again. Idk it’s kind of barren. Where is Betty Adewole?

  6. Mehdi says:

    I think Grace is the best !!! love her eyes, her look … <3

  7. xoxo says:

    joe , they walk of course but are represented by other agencies now

  8. Jimmy says:

    where is Alice Burdeu?

  9. Not on the guest list says:

    Guys, can you explain us (people who love models but not necessarily are in the modelling business what the hell is going on with Elite NY, they missed all the great girls and I have never undestand why they don’t use the girls from the Elite Model Look.
    Besides that these girls are awesome, I mean, I have just seen two show packages (Muse and Elite) and I can say without a doubt that your job picking the top 10 newcomers this season will be hard.
    Hope Naomi and the other argentineans will rock this season

  10. JAD says:

    ^ seriously, where’s Alice?

  11. Lily says:

    No Julia Johansen :(

  12. Jana says:

    I love the idea of the images as background but it’s funny that they could get 3 different ones for Oregon and repeated the same one 4 times for Russia. I’d say there’s a lot more to see in Russia than in Oregon :D

  13. scout says:

    I think this looks really great, especially considering all the recent drama and changes. I love the concept, it shows how broad -reaching the elite scouting network and really personalizes the experience. In contrast, the Muse package looks like another group of random interchangeable mostly Eastern European girls. Really looking forward to seeing if any of these girls break out!

  14. Latvian says:

    Love Elite show cards! especially Laura’s, because she is Latvian and with amazing potential!!! go Laura, go Latvia :)

  15. Not on the guest list says:

    I know this might sound crazy but when some model is not in the show package it might happen that the girl is an exclusive an also it has happened to me many times that a model that I follow very closely is not on the show package but she actually do shows.

  16. estm says:

    naomi is the best …..good walk

  17. Kris says:

    Love the back of comp cards with model`s origins! Thats a good idea!!!! Fresh! Well done ELITE!!!!

  18. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    Naomi and Vick are totally my favs here… but if we talk about runway, I don’t know – at least Noemi already did some good things.
    PS btw really nice the idea of the comp cards.

  19. ebencipe says:

    @Jimmy: I’m kinda sad that Alice B is not walking NYFW this season.. I was expecting her to death…I’m wondering if how come Alice & Amanda (both from Pricillas) did not switch their agencies???

    What happened to elite is so shocking, they loose top girls (coco, kate king, caroline, & the others. For sure elite is on the rocks right now. I really hope they’ll recover their top status just like before they had giselle & Heidi K.

  20. maria says:

    looks like a kiddie show

  21. Kate says:


    Elite’s Amanda from Priscillas (Amanda Ware) did switch, she went to Silent. The Amanda in the show package is a different Amanda, Amanda Schmidt, an American.

  22. Angelo says:

    I absolutely LOVE Laura, why can’t I find more about this girl?

  23. scout says:

    @Not on the guest list says

    About the Elite Model Look, that is run by Elite Europe which is separate from Elite NY so they (and the mother agents) get to choose who they place the girls with. In the past Elite Europe has a strong relationship with NY Models, One and DNA but it changes often.

  24. ebencipe says:

    @kate: OMG… thank you so much for the information but Amanda Ware is not on the Silent’s board yet? The “ELITE +” division has mysteriously disappeared on the Elite NY site & the girls from the said division has been migrated to the “Elite” division.

    Also, I’m wondering if the elite’s “runway division” also book jobs for NY fashion week coz I dont notice them at the show package every season?

  25. amby says:

    Wow! Really disappointed didn’t see Alice Burdeu here but i love the down to earth show package, really simple.
    That Amanda Schmidt looks promising as well as Grace Hollones and Lyn Paulino. Looking forward to Leyla Erdman too.

    I wonder who will be the new face(s) to watch from Elite this season :)

    Amby of art8amby


  26. CircleModelDevelopment says:

    WE LOVE Amanda!!

  27. Michelle says:

    Love Grace and Lyn. Im sure they will do ELITE proud.

  28. sandy says:

    Oh please all self-appointed industry experts (not being in the industry just following it online)there is no reason to spend your time with this kind of comment. Why do you care about reasons for switching if you have nothing to do with it!?! If you want to know call at elite and they may give you some info.
    The package doesnt include well known models this year its true! Its a complete “NEW FACE” show. Damn yeah !Awesome! Makes it fresh and exciting about the debuts !!!! Hannah is my fave utterly one to watch

  29. legz says:

    I agree with Sandy, love how people always like to pick at finding all the negatives, keep kicking ppl when they’re already got enough to deal with.

  30. micki says:

    There isn’t a girl here that stands out to me, I find that dissapointing. The problem being that the girls aren’t original. Nevertheless, good luck elite girls!

  31. Mario says:

    My Favorite one Mckenzie! I’m sure she will do great! Excited to see the new Elite!

  32. ONTHERADAR says:


  33. Donna says:

    I mean…. NAOMI.

  34. ANTHONY says:

    Can’t wait to see these girls in action! they look great!

  35. VanessaD. says:

    NAOMI! What beautiful unique girl.

  36. PolyAnna says:

    Beautiful concept. All these girls are stunning. Can’t wait to see Naomi hit the runway!

  37. SAM says:

    Masha K is great, very strong face, looks amazing!

  38. Marie says:

    Cool Comp Card Concept. My favorite is Naomi. Really impressed with Lyn, Amanda and Hannah.

  39. anlabe says:

    There’re indeed no big girls left, but i’m sure the new agents will attract some big models.

  40. Mark says:

    I see some beauty in this package. I also see some potential here. I live for Masha

  41. Heidi says:

    Naomi Preizler! I freaking love her. She’s simply stunning, interesting, and all of the above.
    Impressed with Lyn’s sharp features and captured by Hannah’s soft ones.
    Also amazing concept. So cute!

  42. ILoveModels says:

    Elite has had stronger show packages before… but there are some stunning girls here.
    Seems to me like the biggest eye candy is Naomi Preizler. Who doesn’t love her? I do like the concept.. must have been a hard choice for Elite to only represent each girl with one picture.. most agencies tend to use two in order to fully convince clients who are on edge.

  43. Crystal l says:

    Great concept…..love the cards

  44. Bitsy says:

    Elite’s website is down completely. You put the link in and it says it’s not available or it’s under construction? I also heard they are merging with someone. Premier or something like that. Elite has great looks…..hope it all works out. Anyone else heard anything?

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