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June 23rd, 2008 by betty | Model News
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Muse swept their hot new find Aleksandra into NY and the clients are buzzing. Check out our exclusive video to see why.

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  1. photorama says:

    I say! She’s brilliant! Great personality too, it seems.
    Reminds me a bit of Snejana.

  2. Olga Shvets says:

    Very remarkably, that now it is possible посомтреть new persons so!
    All who works on this portal you the big professionals!!!

  3. Fashion1 says:

    What an eternal and georgeous girl. Great find!!!!!!
    She looks a bit like Birgitte Bardot.
    Where does she come from?

  4. betty says:

    She is Norwegian.


  5. Fashion1 says:

    No wonder she likes getting lost in the big city.
    Major personality.

  6. pony ryder says:

    so natural…

  7. la la says:

    feel like i’ve seen her before. i dont think she is new.

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