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Elite Milan S/S 12 Men’s show package


Adrian Cardoso

Alessandro Zarino

Alex Cunha

Anderson Weisheimer

Andre Bentzer

Andrea Preti

Arthur Devalbray

Arthur Sales

Benjamin Eidem

Brendan Ruck

Cesar Casier

Chris Arundel

Chris Rayner

Christian Armigieri

Christian Ochsenfahrt

Cody Morrison

Cristian Ragin

Dale Toogood

David Hellstrom

Dennis Jager

Dewi Rees

Diego Fragoso

Diogo Wenzel


Dominic Okeefe

Duco Ferre

Elbio Bonsaglio

Eugeniy Sauchanka

Gabriel Bradiceanu

Gen Huismans

Giacomo Berardo


Henrique Guelfi

Jackson Rado

Jacob Barber

James Martin

Jamie Kendrick

Jamie Wise

Janis Vilumovs

Joan Pedrola

Julian Feitsma

Julian Schratter

Keith Hernandez

Lansing Bohnen

Lars Burmeister

Leonardo Windlin

Luca Stascheit

Lucas Marcos

Lucas Mutinelli

Luis Batalha

Lukas Bossert

Lukas Ray

Mads Broberg

Malthe Madsen

Marco Fernandez

Matthew Coatsworth

Max Panichetti

Miles Mc Millan

Misha Patel

Morgan Pistillo

Nan Fulong

Natan Machado

Niclas Huentelmann

Nik Krivorutskiy

Oscar Bojnas

Oscar Spendrup

Pete Bolton

Richard Vasquez

Sam Grundy

Sangil Kim

Seamus Morrison

Sergio Cazzaniga

Simone Zin

Texas Olsson

Theo Hall

Thiago Ribeiro

Thomas Hoefnagels

Tim Boot

Tim Rueger

Tobias Sorensen



Trent Kendrik

Viniccius Mayer

Vladimir Ivanov

Wael Sersoub

Wes Phillips

Wick Van Nierop

William Eustace

Willy Bonaparte

Zakaria Khiare

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  1. hanna says:

    amazing showpaCK!

  2. Antonio Barros says:
  3. louis iv says:

    ADRIANNN CARDOSOOOO! HE is my breakout boy of the season! I want to see him in everything! in Milan and PARIS! anybody with me? +++++ i lovee that boy!+++++

  4. yoogha1725 says:

    Great single stuff model, but without statistic?


  5. louis iv says:

    is adrian cardoso the guy in the cover?

  6. Paris says:

    I totally agree with you Louis iv! I’m sure he will be great again this season! Tio,has lo que tengais que hacer en Paris y Milan! estoy muy orgulloso de vos!

  7. Davide says:

    Amazing showpack….Elite guys are just stunning… You will rock the shows also this season!!

  8. piere says:

    Benjamin rocks!!!!!!!!! What a guy!!!!!

  9. Daniel says:

    Daniel Bamdad is phenomenal!
    I love this guy and believe he needs to be seen more on the runways of Paris, Milan and New York.
    Daniel was MADE to walk on the catwalk and to wear the clothes, of the many fierce designers. I would LOVE to see him bare foot as well. Daniel has amazing feet for a man!
    #1 Male Model for sure.

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