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It boys, Adrian B, Cole, Jon K and Luke are just a few of the editorial stars on the Beatrice show board. Expect some heat to happen as well on the new faces division of this established Milan agency.

Aaron Wrigley

Adam Lundberg

Adrian Bosch

Adrian W

Alex Loomans

Alexander D

Alexey Kissov

Andrea P

Andrew C

Andrija Bikic

Antonio Navas

Ben Hill

Ben Waddell

Brian Jankic


Caleb H

Casey Dobyns


Chad Helm

Chris Jones

Chris Powell

Cole Mohr

Cyril G

Dan Cameron

Derek Orell

Diederick Van Der Lee

Djordje Bogdanovic

Filippo M

Gerhard Freidl

Giorgos Tsetis


Helge G

Ian Murphy


James Collins

James Heathcote

Jasper De Nooijier

Jesper De Waal

Johnny K

Jon Kortajarena

Jonathon Woodward

Jordi Iven


Konstantin Resch

Liam B

Ludvig Blom

Luke Worrall

Malte Paulsen

Manuel Traxler


Marko Brozic

Martin Cannavo

Martin Evans

Massimo Villa

Matt Benstead

Matteo Scalvini

Michael Gstottner

Michael Vinant

Michael Wenz

Nick Hadfield

Nick Snider

Oleg Nazarov


Patrick Phillips

Peter Cairns

Peter Winkler

Philip Huang

Philipp Bierbaum

Philipp Kharabarin


Randy Lebeau

Riccardo Piccoli

Rick Kopinsky

Roger Frampton

Ross Stewart

Ryan Vigilant


Samuele Fragiacomo

Samuele Riva

Sean Harju


Stefan Forrester Walker

Steve Gold

Tim Lubbering


Tomasz Pastyrczak

Toms Birkavs

Tyler Riggs

Vinicius Postiglione

Vinicius da Costa

Wesley Oliver

Young Kim

Zac Malone

Ziga Trkulja

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. hannah Barrineau says:

    Zac Malone is hot! Who is this guy?

  2. Andrea says:

    its me!!!! :)

  3. Kia says:

    nick was good to work with.

  4. jeremy says:

    Ian Murphy is such a hunky
    You have an appeal man…
    thumbs up for you

  5. OXYGEN_MODELS says:

    i am in love

  6. Jody says:

    Who is Michael Wenz?? He looks amazing!!!

  7. barbara says:

    I went to school with this kid! Thats awesome!

  8. Beth C. says:

    zac malone is a cutey hope he goes far!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  9. rocksana says:

    March is hot!!!
    Nick S. sexy!!!

  10. rossgould says:

    Ziga Trkulja is so cute. Loving him…tell me where can get more his pictures?

  11. Richie23 says:

    Vinicius Postiglione is my favorite: in every way masculine and sensual. Not an effete pretty boy. There is a genuine masculine reality not found in most of the other men in this collection.

  12. xena says:

    why hasnt Zac Malone done anything big hes soooo amazing

  13. joe matias says:

    why dont I try to show some of my best workbefore i Go I can send you some right away. thanks beatrice magazine and i hear alot of stuff about you

  14. Robert says:

    This guy is the nephew of rock singer Tori Amos!

  15. Philip says:

    Robert, your very much mistaken. The model Casey Dobyns is the nephew of the singer Tori Amos. This guy however is the fiancée of Kelly Osbourne. His name is Luke Worrall

  16. andreanna says:


  17. andreanna says:


  18. andreanna says:

    Wow he is gorgeous! Flawless! sexy!

  19. siii says:

    Ian Murphy es chilenoooooooo y es el mas guapo me vuelve loca este chilenito ricoooooo maukkkkkkkkkkkkk

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