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TEN Model Management


new faces: Henrique Cavazotti, Marco Steiner
main boys: Gabriel Grandi, Pedro Frizon, Roberto Michels

Andre Ziehe

Andrej Pejic

Daniel Grein

Gabriel Grandi

Guilherme Klopper

Henrique Cavazotti

Jean Kuller

Leandro Lima

Luiz Afonso

Marco Steiner

Pedro Cavalca

Pedro Frizon

Roberto Michels

Robson Fassbinder

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  1. kae says:

    nice..Andrej’s on both men and women’s..i bet he’s on cloud 9 as it looks like he’s one of the main Girls….i also think he has to be on the main Boys list though coz he’s also manly in a way…

  2. yoogha1725 says:

    What a colorful background… :))


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