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May 16th, 2008 by betty | Model Style
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Coco Rocha/Elite New York. Photo: MDC.

Modelstyle: Our favorite models with style

Model: Coco Rocha

Wearing: Rag and Bone pants, a vintage vest, Joe Fresh shirt, shoes and necklace from Urban Outfitters, bag by Balenciaga; favorite accessory is my new puppy Peekaboo. She’s a Malti-poo (Maltese mixed with poodle) and she’s wearing a pink spring leash.

Where: Madison Square Park

Why: It’s the closest and cleanest park we go to for walks and where we have lunch sometimes.

Video: Coco on Peekaboo

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  1. MDC_245694 says:

    people always say I look like her
    love her she is funny

  2. Gina says:

    That dog is hilarious !! So cute :) and Coco looks great btw

  3. myrtie says:

    very cute mali-poo, love the boots too. Gorgeous and
    oh so lovely, Coco R

  4. Joe says:

    very cute dog and one very very beautiful woman.

  5. sébastien says:

    I loooove the dog XD
    i want the same :p

  6. Morris says:

    You’re so sweet and lovely Coco…
    love you

  7. !!! kRiSss* says:

    ooh! cutie pekaboo! i’m missing mine.. :(
    i love your boots !! :)

  8. mindtraveler says:

    she’s so pretty and seems down-to-earth! can’t help but notice how professional she is, too.

  9. pedro antonio says:

    i would like to be that dog in order to be with coco rocha all day long

  10. yujung says:

    coco’s boots !!!! very pretty! i like your boots!

  11. anant says:

    striking pose with peekaboo

  12. solufon says:

    Pretty Coco and cutie Peekaboo >.<

    love you Coco

  13. mai says:

    Peekaboo loves Coco, and Coco loves Peekaboo!

    very very very sweet puppy and girl

  14. er says:

    i like her walk… lol

  15. Julie says:

    This dog is very pretty and Coco’s very funny…and pretty of course! I love so much her clothes! Now, I will buy the same ahah!

    Le bonjour d’une française!

  16. Alyssa says:

    Coco you are my Idol! I am a very young model and I am in Canada! You and Heather Marks are my Idols!

  17. Sammii says:

    wouldd love to look likee you lovellyyy
    your simply stunning ♥

  18. maria)(87^432 says:

    there is a woman(i think) on facebook named joanna olssen that has this foto of coco on her profile and says shes a model…bwaahhhh…wth..

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