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May 8th, 2008 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Louisa/Ford Models , Nathalie Models Images courtesy of Ford NY

Meet Ford’s latest belle, Louisa, a 20 year old beauty from Marseilles, France. Barely modeling for six months now, Louisa has hit NY full force and as you can tell from these snaps, this girl is reveling in the city life.







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  1. janice says:

    unique face…

  2. lovely says:

    What is her ethnicity, does anybody know?

  3. fashion-stylist says:

    she looks great, a new fresh face in the business!!

  4. MDC_335406 says:

    great look!!!

  5. callie says:

    The outfit so does not flatter her, but she is very beautiful.

  6. EWOENAM says:

    indeed, a fresh new face. a unique look that screams culture and Generation Now! Keep your eye on Louisa.

  7. Isabela says:

    She looks much better when she smiles. :)

  8. louisa ford says:

    she look gawjus and natural, but the outfit does nothink for her.

  9. Pascal Lebegue says:

    Good luck Louisa, you got the edge!

  10. First says:

    shes quick

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