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Angels & Demons Models Paris

HIGHLIGHTS: Sam Taylor, Hannah Hardy, Anna Kovvach
NEW FACES: Angelica Erthal, Elisabeth Delporte, Stefanie Price


Ali Walsh

Angelica Erthal

Anna Kovvach

Anoushka Alsif

Aviis Zhong

Caroline West

Cassi Lee

Celestyna Hoc

Chahineze Zerrouki

Danielle Williams

Diandra Forrest

Elisabeth Delporte

Georgina Kooij

Gona Dragusha

Hannah Hardy

Helene Leduc

Ines Rau

Irina Sovik

Isabella Wentink

Izzy Kurtz

Ksenia Shokhet

Li Bim

Lydia Kowalska

Magdalena Kvesa

Margot Ovani

Michelle Woyke

Miriam Ilorah

Nana Keita

Olga Sidarenka

Pia Portmann

Sahara Kone

Sam Taylor

Sofia Janosevic

Sophie Basten

Stefanie Price

Tahara Kane

Teona Tevdora

Trissan Holder

Xaviera Bescout

Yulia Kulakova

Yulia Rivah

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  1. CW MANAGEMENT says:

    Steffie is Amazing

  2. fashionaddict says:

    Look at Stefanie’s awesome long legs – and what a great face! Wow!

  3. Barbara says:

    Stefanie looks magnificent!

  4. Tracy Page says:

    One of my favorite models, I remember that 1,000 pound dress she had to drag around and she did so with such grace, pulling off an absolutely amazing shot. Stefanie is a fashion photographer’s dream girl.

  5. Sherri Killam-Williams says:

    Stefanie looks amazing!

  6. Francoise says:

    Michelle Woyke and Stefanie Price are GORGEOUS!!! Where are they from??

  7. ebencipe says:

    OMG diandra forrest is in PFW..

  8. yves saint raulent says:

    stefanie , angelica, hanna, sam , trissan, michele, diandra, nana, yulia, anouchka , Izzy looks like really nice girls!

  9. Penelope says:

    Michelle Woyke is a Peruvian girl (Lima, Peru) , a new face in Elite Milan and now in Angels and Demons. She’s beautiful!!!

  10. Sebastian says:

    So , what did finally happen with these girls? were they selected for any runway at Paris FW?

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