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  1. CW MANAGEMENT says:

    Steffie is Amazing

  2. fashionaddict says:

    Look at Stefanie’s awesome long legs – and what a great face! Wow!

  3. Barbara says:

    Stefanie looks magnificent!

  4. Tracy Page says:

    One of my favorite models, I remember that 1,000 pound dress she had to drag around and she did so with such grace, pulling off an absolutely amazing shot. Stefanie is a fashion photographer’s dream girl.

  5. Sherri Killam-Williams says:

    Stefanie looks amazing!

  6. Francoise says:

    Michelle Woyke and Stefanie Price are GORGEOUS!!! Where are they from??

  7. ebencipe says:

    OMG diandra forrest is in PFW..

  8. yves saint raulent says:

    stefanie , angelica, hanna, sam , trissan, michele, diandra, nana, yulia, anouchka , Izzy looks like really nice girls!

  9. Penelope says:

    Michelle Woyke is a Peruvian girl (Lima, Peru) , a new face in Elite Milan and now in Angels and Demons. She’s beautiful!!!

  10. Sebastian says:

    So , what did finally happen with these girls? were they selected for any runway at Paris FW?

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