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February 13th, 2011 by Jonathan Shia | Boys, Fashion Week, Model News
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The lobby bar at the Ace Hotel was even more crowded than usual on Thursday evening when GQ and the CFDA presented the six nominees for their annual Best New Menswear Designer in America award. Alexander Wang would win the title—and the $50,000 prize and a collaboration with Dockers—the next day, but that night we celebrated a few of the many talents reinvigorating the industry in New York today. The vast aesthetic differences between, say, the surfer styles from Warriors of Radness and the slouchy, rock-star looks by Wang demonstrated that many different visions of the modern American male are alive and well. As the room reached capacity, models dressed in selections from each designer’s Fall collections stood, slouched, and squatted on the room’s battered couches and coffee tables. Patrik Ervell’s crisp suiting and sharp tailoring formed an odd couple with the post-prep designs by Michael Bastian for Gant, while Riviera Club and Miller’s Oath demonstrated very different takes on the history of American design. Kid Cudi, Jessica Alba, and Kanye West were on hand to fête the rising labels, each of which could have won the award—and have deserved it.

Casting: Richard Blandino for GQ Magazine
Photos: Betty Sze
Text: Jonathan Shia

T for Alexander Wang (the winner)

Gant by Michael Bastian

Patrik Ervell

Riviera Club

Miller’s Oath

Warriors of Radness

For T Alexander Wang
1-Jacob Coupe, Rob Evans, Gabriel Perez
For Gant by Michael Bastian
2- ?/?, Brian Shimansky
Patrik Ervell
3-Simon Nessman,
Tobias Sorensen,
Paolo Roldan, Corey Baptiste
Riviera Club
4-Jae Yoo (Clint Mauro in the back), Ben Hill, Garrett Neff

Miller’s Oath
5-Andrija, Michael Camiloto

Warriors of Radness
6- Parker Hurley, Andre Douglas, Chad White

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. Bertrand says:

    I do like Chad White’s new look :)

  2. Gerard says:

    I’m still figuring out who the tattooed guy is for Warriors of Radness…And was it David Gandy at GANT by Michael Bastian, wearing olive pants and aviators?

  3. Dom says:

    The tattooed guy is Parker Hurley.

  4. Josie says:

    Simon Nessman is the most beautiful creature on earth

  5. Izara says:


    I doubt David Gandy did Gant. No doubt Cory Bond, they often look very alike.

  6. Fay says:

    Who’s that first guy for Alexander Wang?

  7. PAULO GÓIS says:


  8. M.ia says:

    jacob coupe is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii love him. seriously. i will die eventually of it.

  9. Mary says:

    Ben Hill is so gorgeous …

  10. Mimi says:

    I love men.

  11. Kat says:

    Who’s the guy on the left in the first Gant by Michael Bastian photo?

  12. Gerard says:

    @Izara thanks…But it reallllyyy looks like him don’t you think? (http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/complete/slideshow/F2011MEN-BND?event=show1882&designer=design_house2254&trend=&iphoto=12#slide=12)
    hahaha…I couldn’t believe it too…Oh well. Thanks! :D

    @ Dom…thanks! :D

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