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Red Model Management

HIGHLIGHTS: Silviu Tolu, Tyler Riggs, Daniel McSweeney & Stan Jouk

NEW FACES: Nico Krull, Kaan Tilki and Joao Zavaski

Abiah Hostvedt

Alec Foster

Connor Mac Donald

Daniel Mcsweeney

Evan Santoro

Felix Feist

Henry Watkins

Jake Brodsky

Jakob Graff

Jesse Rodriguez

Joao Zavaski

Jullien Herrera

Kaan Tilki

Matt Schmerge

Nico Krull

Noma Han

Parker Hurley

Patrick Phillips

Philip Moller

Sebastiao Neto

Shaun Haugh

Silviu Tolu

Simon Kotyk

Stan Jouk

Tyler Riggs

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  1. DANILO C. says:


  2. tanka says:

    This is fabulous. I predict a big season for Red. Word is that the dynamic John W Babin is even more primed and ready this season than ever before.With that icy stare,lips pursed he’s ready for action!

  3. Slim Jim says:


  4. Joshua says:

    Where the f* is VINCE?????????????

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