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  1. Ryo says:

    Alexia Palmer!! The Jamaican influx continues.

  2. uberfashionista says:

    where’s hye park??????

  3. KimFlorida says:

    No Hye Park????? :(

  4. Angelo Armando says:

    I love all the girls from Trump.
    They are so special!

  5. Landen says:

    no hye park or ty? :(

  6. bamboo banga says:

    renee!!!! beautiful

  7. Mark says:

    Where is Hye Park???? did she leave for another agency????

  8. candie-o says:

    + Edyth & Georgie :) :), – Hye & Natalie :( :(

  9. nastya says:

    hye still with Trump. you may see her in maybe milan y paris. first time in 2+ years.

  10. macaroon says:

    Is Natalie doing shows?

    Anais is gorgeous–can’t wait to see her on the runway!!!

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