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  1. Not on the guest list says:

    Where the hell is Francisco L, Evandro, Michael Wozniak and Luke Briggs???

  2. on the list says:

    i bet they are all in spain or brazil where the boys actually make money …. $1000 or more for a show (5 shows guarantee at least) vs all trade in NYC – you do the math.

  3. Bacovski says:


  4. alex says:

    Love Ford.

  5. Savana Lally says:

    great :)

  6. bee says:

    where is daniel liu? ilike him… anybody know?or he is not signed with ford anymore?

  7. kiki says:

    Francisco isn’t walking in NY.

  8. betty says:

    HI bee,

    Daniel is still with Ford. Just because someone is not in the package doesn’t mean they are no longer with the agency.


  9. Gao GO says:

    Where is Sen from? Mixed blooded?

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