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  1. KimFlorida says:

    No Tara Gill??? :(

  2. Melo says:

    Wow no Sasha…

  3. k says:

    no cole?!

  4. Tara says:

    Julia Hafstrom??

  5. Not on the guest list says:


  6. Xanax says:

    Ann Ward? :'(

  7. Nora says:

    Hanaa 2th northafrican girl after Hind Sahli !! so excited to see her on the runway !! :)

  8. Josh says:

    Hope the Joan Smallsreign continues!!!!!!

  9. Connie says:

    No jade? I find her more interesting that half of the new IMG girls.

  10. Connie says:

    I meant Jane, the new girl on women’s board.

  11. Margot says:

    What!? No Ann Ward? or Jane? :(

  12. Josh says:

    BOO! at no Ann Ward or Jane Randall.

  13. Jennifer Franco says:

    This package is must be incomplete!
    Its missing great girls, IMG is really be wasting proved talent- way too many girls missing.

    Freja, Sasha, Julia H, Yuliana, Tara Gill????
    wow the list goes on and on and on…
    maybe they are just in europe but I seriously doubt it.

  14. Ryo says:

    Hmmmm no Gaye M and no Jaunel?

  15. InaJ says:

    This is one of their smallest packages. Lots of girls missing ..

  16. Joe says:

    How does models.com define highlights ? As in ,why wouldn’t Frida be a highlight when she always walks alot of shows .

  17. bee says:

    hahahah they’re not ready to put ann ward… her runaway skill is not too good for me,but yes she did good in photoshoot… i am interested to see jessica stam and xiao wen on runaway… xiao wen has such a modern classic face…=)

  18. Marty says:

    no ANN this so wrong. why can’t they just put her in this!!!!!!
    it makes me mad that they say she won but i haven’t seen anything yet. if she wasnt on ANTM.. man she would be ranked and so on. it’s soo…man whatever.

  19. imfunky69 says:

    gosh no Ann Ward, what the hell is happening??? i was even excited to see her start doing fashion shows. My high hopes has faded.

  20. lu says:

    aw man, ann ward doing ny fashion week would of sure been something! but i guess she does need a bit more of runway training…i am excited for bianca, joan, and du juan!

  21. Duncan says:

    Joan we love!!!

  22. Elena says:

    go kinga!!!

  23. KENC says:

    I love this roster, but yeah i wish they made cards for more girls.

  24. karrie says:


  25. yoyo says:

    Where is Saara?I thought she is going to start walking in this season!Hopefully she’ll walk in Milan and Paris!She is one of the most interesting new faces!Shes like a tall version of Kate Moss!

  26. Womba says:

    Best designed show package of the season! Such a cool idea.it’s something that you would want to buy from a high end retailer. Ich leibe IMG

  27. Emi says:

    Julia Hafstrom!????!?!?!??!

  28. Fashionmilk says:

    Caroline Loosen! Great newbie!

  29. Paige says:

    Go Wyatt! Great new face!

  30. Colton says:

    Is Ksenia Kahnovich on there? I didn’t see her :(

  31. Rossi says:

    not happy at all with this. alot of amazing girls are missing. and the development section isnt promising. sorry. i like the idea of the package but doesnt sell to me.

  32. Meri says:

    Wyatt!!! Holy cow that girl is refreshingly different! Sooo cool.

  33. bamboo banga says:

    Go Tilda!!!! Still one of my favorite.

    Eileen, Isabelle S. : gorgeous

  34. ebencipe says:

    OMg.. wheere is sasha and freja?????

  35. Poland-in-fashion says:

    Go BASIA!

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