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  1. Legz says:

    One of my fav men’s boards

  2. Eva Rutten says:

    Awesome profile! Keep up the good work. I am sharing you my love in different languages.
    Sayang = baby it’s indonesian and from your dutch lady ‘mijn schatje'(my sweety) In holland we say this if you are an awesome person for someone you like. Take care

  3. Christina Wolfe says:

    Chris H is one hot looking new male model, i see big things great bone structure and great strong face.. He is my new favorite model, he’s gorgeous. Good pickup VNY your male board is always the best.

  4. Mallory ware says:

    Corey Baptiste & Chris H are my favorites. Chris H looks like a younger version of Sean O and has features of other big models. Will these models be walking the runway?

  5. Eva Rutten says:

    Well my comment was for Chris H. I didn’t know how that works, ofcourse i was thinking when you post an comment under a picture it will goes automatically to that person. Chris you have an amazing port so keep up the good work and never quit this passion.

  6. Lauren Ryan says:

    This is an amazing package of models. My most favorite is Chris H. pages 45 & 46. His eyes are surprisingly capturing and his lips are just delicious. Such a strong face yet seems so soft to the touch. That combination and his unique looks is very hot and very hard to find.

  7. Quro Studios says:

    We got work with Chris H on one of his test shoot! Awesome model! Going to see this face on alot of ads!

  8. :) says:

    Jordan :)

  9. Raman says:

    Oh my, Chris H is gorgeous…his eyes are gonna kill me..and those lips..mhmm. I wish I could do a photo shoot with him, that’d be a dream come true!!

  10. Raman says:

    Love the face!!! He’s such a cutie.

  11. spankydeluv says:

    DANNY SCHWARZ <3 <3 <3

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