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HIGHLIGHTS: Marcel Castenmiller, Charlie Westerberg & Lasse Pedersen
NEW FACES: Andrej Pejic, Mathais Mentze & Sander Klene

Andrej Pejic

Charlie Westerberg

Colby Jamar

Coley Brown

Dominique Hollington

Dorian Cobb

Gabe Byer

Grayson Vaugan

Guntars Asmanis

Jay Nodland

Jerreth Ludwig

Josh Beech

Lasse Pedersen

Luca Vigorelli

Luis Borges

Marcel Castenmiller

Mark Bland

Mark Cox

Mathais Mentze

Michael Elmquist

Michael Smoley

Miles Garber

Mitch Norris

Nils Butler

Nils Lawton

Philip Huang

Rich McKeown

Rich McKeown 1

Robert Rae

Sander Klene

Wes Phillips

Willaim Dane

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  1. supersota says:

    No Axel Brorson or Chris Landon :-(

  2. Rommen | Bravenboer says:

    Wow look at that mouth!

  3. Rhonwen Sayer says:

    Wonderful body – so beautiful.

    But the feet are a BIG surprise!

  4. Phuk Face says:

    wow! Andrej will be a huge STAR!!!!

  5. DiaMond pRinceSS says:

    dominique, andrej, nils b and dorian! ayayay too hottt.
    great show package y’all

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