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Skye/DNA Models, Viva Model Management. Photo courtesy of DNA.

MDC highlighted Skye as a newcomer to watch via an exclusive video during NY Fashion Week. The OTM crew was then excited to see Skye take wing in Europe at shows like Versace in Milan and Lanvin, Ricci and Chanel in Paris. You can certainly see where that bright and sparkling personality of Skye’s skyrocketed her into the ranks of the must-book.

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. Jacek from Poland says:

    ____Just Beautiful_____

  2. beyond says:

    wa~check it out, she just looks like an angel from heaven..

  3. chris says:

    she is like a doll

  4. ali says:

    what a beauty “MASALLAH”

  5. abiola says:

    shes too beautiful

  6. shy says:

    just a doll……
    So beautiful

  7. simone cardoso says:

    is a beautiful girl
    just a doll

  8. johnnie says:

    she is perfect

  9. Hanna says:

    You is very pretty,I don’t know who you are.

  10. Missy says:

    She is Gorgeous….
    keep it up…

  11. MDC_334793 says:

    looking forward to seeing more of her

  12. mary says:

    wow she is really pretty.

  13. john Gurung says:

    so simple and lovable

  14. Eleanor says:

    She went to my school last year.

  15. chintan says:

    mind blowing beauty

  16. WALTER says:

    She ia a natural beauty, no make-up required here :) :) :)

  17. LaurenMarieM says:

    Serious beauty

  18. jordan_gooden says:


  19. Bernice says:


  20. Blynd_Lemens says:

    oh she’s stunning

  21. MDC_345324 says:

    She’s so pretty

  22. super model says:

    i like the eyes

  23. ryder says:

    these girl is flowless.
    she is like a canvas.
    where is she from?

  24. alex says:

    Very gentle looking girl

  25. theo says:

    shes pretty but nothing new now a days all the models are looking
    a like

  26. Marcela says:

    Ela é bela

  27. jung myeong ji says:

    너무 이쁘다

  28. liela sun says:

    진짜좋아 스카이..

  29. moodis says:

    she is very nice can i have her Email plz

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