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Nathalie always provides that season closer of a star girl, a phenom we’ve seen via girls like Olga Sherer. Now amplify the value of the board with new power faces like Gantz, Lioka and Margaryta. We love that the endless chic of Colette is back in circulation, but equally prepare yourself for another wave of Paris based stars via the Nathalie shop.

Alexandra T

Amanda L

Anastasia Z

Andreea S

Anna K

Anne W

Anya M

Cate C

Colette P

Danielle H

Dasha M

Drielle V

Gantz Z

Ines C

Jourdan D

Judit B

Julia F

Julia S

Katya D

Kinee D

Lakshmi M

Laura K

Linda V

Lioka T

Margaryta S

Maria K

Mariya M

Martha H

Melody W

Nastya K

Natalia D

Olga S

Omahira M

Patricia S

Regina F

Sveta E

Valentyna O

Viktoire C

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. piou says:

    she is the best!

  2. piou says:

    Omahira, she is the best!

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