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God bless Premier for their poetic evocation of the English alphabet as the key imaging on their FW 08 show package. It’s a witty and eye catching marketing promo that makes all the girls, from the A’s (Alice) to the Z’s (Zuzanna) seem especially fresh and striking. We’re keeping a close eye on that newcomer Marina. There’s something about her that feels fashion perfect, right this minute.


Alice Gibb

Alice Rausch

Amber Milam

Ania Porzuczok

Anna B

Bobbi Wiens

Carolina Pantoliano



Heidi Rock


Karin Adam

Karolina Smetek

Katia Dyakova

Kelli Lumi

Lenka V

Lera Sheremeta

Marina Panova

Martha Streck

Megan Collison

Mina Cvetkovic



Paul Pavlovska

Roza Kopczynska

Sofi Berelidze

Sunna Gottshalk

Suvi K


Toa Okamato



Zuzanna Kratzala

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. Oskar says:

    beautifull Girl

  2. KDC says:

    I know her, actually my step-sister is really good friends with her.
    Sad to say she looks NOTHING like any of her model pictures anymore. Also sad to say she quit modeling.

  3. Agnese says:

    she is still in modeling! lives in warsaw now and does all the most important shows, this year started law school. Not only beautiful but very clever too! Best wishes to Roza…. and she still looks like in all her photographs! fresh tiny

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