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With a tightly edited board of 31 men, Success Models offers the Paris designers their premium choices for FW08. From catwalk kings Jeremy Dufours, Nicolas Bemberg and Vincent LaCrocq to staples like Girts, Eddie Klint/Eddie Tucker and Taylor Fuchs, Success indeed lives up to its aptly named agency. What will be interesting is to see which of their boys will be the breakout star for FW08. All in all, a massively modern group of models, Success is a must stop destination for the discerning Parisian clients.

Alexandre Imbert

Andre Ziehe

Arthur Devalbray

Axel Miraton

Aykel Soker

Clement Chabernaud

Craig Dickinson

Douglas Jewell

Eddie Klint

Eddie Tucker

Edouard Fine

Gabriel Gill Andrews

Girts Vitolins

Jamie Jewitt

Jensen Neuens

Jeremy Candalh

Jeremy Dufour

Jeremy Young

Joseph Culp

Josh Beech

Lucien Thomkins

Mike Shirley

Nicolas Bemberg

Paul Mielke

Rogier Bosschaart

Shaun Haugh

Stas Svetli

Taylor Fuchs

Vincent Hoogland

Vincent Lacrocq

Will Westall

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  1. Matthew says:


    I am a big fan of jamie jewitt. I have his picture from Gentlemans Quarterly. I find he is my favourite male model, and I would like to follow his progress. Would you e-mail me how I can get in touch with him.

    Yours sincerely,

    Matthew O’Connor

  2. lohana says:

    et il est encore plus beau en vraie.
    je t’aime

  3. Степа says:

    Премного благодарен автору. Возможно, в будущем я и действительно реализую подобную затею. :)

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