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November 16th, 2010 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Carola Remer/ Image courtesy of 1 Model Management.

A striking face is a compelling thing and 1 Management’s Carola’s  visage has certainly  kicked up a buzz for the  German beauty. Stay tuned for her first editorial run.

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  1. MARS says:

    sweet face, but looks like Magdalena Frackowiak hmmmm?

  2. jesse1 says:

    gorgeous bone structure! love her eyebrow/eye bone and cheekbones. a little reminiscent of Magdalena.

  3. Timothy Rosado says:


  4. PeterModelObsessed says:

    Finally, Gisele’s successor!

    Blue Chip?

  5. Yasmin says:

    she reminds me of kirsi p. !!

  6. Raquel says:

    She’s a mix of Kirsi P and Magdalena. Amazing.

  7. Podestá says:

    Magdalena + Daria W. = Carola!!! what a beautiful girl!!!

  8. maddie says:

    COMPLETELY agree with Podestá…perfect description of this girl.

  9. Antonio Barros says:

    I can’t wait to see it! She is stunning!!!!!


  10. S. says:

    Uffff. When I see a face like that. I understand it all. Hope to see her in castings.

  11. Robert Ocasio says:

    Now thats an Awesome Face!
    Love Her Bone Structure, Lips, Eyes, Nose… Just Gorgeous.
    Her blank expression makes her seem “Everyday Beautiful” not just another posed princess… :)

  12. PonyRyder says:

    w o w

    daria & magdalena in one



  14. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    stunning beauty

  15. Marcos says:

    Lovely girl.
    She reminds me amazing and criminally underrated Solange Wilvert.

  16. Ella says:

    waaw! so She’s from Germany? I gotta say I really love German models..

  17. Jay Jay says:

    its wonderfull girl, very very beautifull…

  18. Mango says:

    A lot of german stunners lately!

  19. Nádia says:

    Mag meets Kirsi indeed!!! GORGEOUS!!! <3


  20. Jun says:

    Wowwww. Really different. Really inspiring.

  21. Steve says:

    It would be a pleasure to work with her one day.

  22. Jun says:

    Wowwww. Really different. Really inspiring. And no…Magdalena Frackowiak has more of a rounder face. Two different beauties.

  23. anlabe says:

    I see a bit Agnete Hegelund too. Pretty.

  24. Mariusz says:


  25. Eamon says:

    e x q u i s i t e

  26. XStyleBeauties says:

    Stunning girl, stunning light !

  27. DM says:

    very very beautiful…. and sexy and charming

  28. jada says:

    love her!

  29. Sydni says:

    She’s very pretty and quite unique looking.

    She’s got those very far-apart Kate Moss looking eyes.

  30. TpC says:

    very stunning – she has an almost otherworld look… alien like

  31. PCP says:

    No one has mentioned the Caroline Brasch Nielsen resemblance yet…

  32. jon says:

    Excited to see her in story

  33. Renee Schollmeyer says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting her on an airline. She is very BUEATIFUL inside and out!

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