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Iris/Supreme Digitals courtesy of Supreme Management

Discovered this past summer, Iris is one of those instant starters who has moved with increasing velocity through the SS11 editorial and campaign market. After her exams in Holland, this new Dutch beauty flew straight to New York where she had her catwalk unveiling as a Calvin Klein SS 11 exclusive. The Calvin led to Jil Sander which then opened up a stealth Paris season that featured Miu Miu and Celine on her booking charts. Perhaps it is that freshness that Iris brings to her go-sees that is subsequently triggering a wave of strong editorial reactions. Which can only bode well for those upcoming campaign options.

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  1. anlabe says:

    Oeeeh, yes. She’s one of my favorites and I hope she will pick a good campaign too.

  2. alejandro says:

    Yes! Finally someone new and excited. Love her fresh, soft but interesting look

  3. charlotte says:

    wasn’t really feeling her at CK.. but at Miu Miu and McQueen she was a star!

  4. Natalie says:

    Beautiful skin!

  5. Josh says:

    I like this girl. To me, she is a mix of Iris Strubegger and Snejana Onopka, if that makes any sense lol,

  6. carola says:

    Ohh I like her, reminds me of Alana Zimmer, the kind of model that can pull off any look.

  7. Models and Style says:

    I like iris a lot …especially at MQ Queen :))

  8. Models and Style says:


  9. Fashionmilk says:
  10. anastasia Beverhausen says:

    She’s quite special. Unlike anything walking the seasons right now. Looking forward to see some printwork, Im pretty sure she will even be better in 2d ;-)

  11. Courtney says:

    Iris Egbers?

  12. wendy-kristy says:

    A beautiful face



    Nice girl.

  14. Brahim Tattoo says:

    Thanks a lot for sending such beautiful girls and gorgeous boys.They are really cut and very attractive for the business. Please go on and keep me informed. Yours sincerilly Brahim from Spain.

  15. anlabe says:

    You know what had me thinking. After a quite disappointing newbies season in Fall 2010, this season there are really big stars.
    Arizona, Daphne, Hailey, Iris, Bambi, Emily, Britt all have a certain look that can bring them really far. Unlike last season where only Melissa T, Dafne C and Tati made an impression on me. Well done.

  16. kemi says:

    how old is she, or how young is she?

  17. Irina says:

    Gorgeous cheekbones!

  18. Hello says:

    Reminds me alittle of Alana Zimmer.

  19. Nicolas Padron says:

    Iris is a rock star with great personality !!!!!!
    book her!!

  20. TC says:


  21. Lionel Chicarito says:

    so natural, hopefully in a few years we can she in top line models

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