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Marcelia One Mgmt (NY) / Oui Mgmt (Paris). Image courtesy of One Mgmt

A Givenchy exclusive could either mean a fast runway moment for a girl specific to Riccardo Tisci’s tastes  that season or it could mean a girl in the tradition of long running  Givenchy  runway breakthroughs like Joan Smalls and  Lara Stone . Given the body of options that piled up on Marcelia’s chart post-show, this new beauty is certainly in the red hot center of a booking frenzy right this minute. Stay tuned for the final edit!

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  1. Josh says:

    I don’t remember her at Givenchy, but she looks stunning! Like a cross between Shalom Harlow and Adriana Lima!!

  2. BRM says:

    Marcelia F. will certainly be the highlight of the campaign by Givenchy …
    wait for it in the Top 50 Model 2011 …

  3. That girl says:

    ONE campaign does NOT a top 50 girl make. She’s pretty though..

  4. Yasper says:

    I love this girl, she was second in the show and I know right after she will be star! Sooooooooo beautiful!!!!

  5. Jana says:

    Wha??? This is the most random list. And since when did givenchy break Lara stone? And thier new faces? What happened to dafne? Ranya? Come on models.com!

  6. eek says:

    Not that’s a surprise. Of all the new and new-ish girls this season who appeared on a number of runways, she’s one of the top 10? Maybe MDC knows something in the works for her but based just on the runway season just passed, she’s not one of the top 10 girls.

  7. glunge says:

    marcelia was girl #3 at ohne titel this season.
    that’s when i first noticed her. that show’s casting was sublime.

    and i agree with jana about givenchy not breaking lara stone – terry had already been shooting lara for sisley campaigns before givenchy came around. and even though that’s not blue chip it got her noticed.

  8. Garrett says:

    I remember seeing the polaroids on this girl and taking note. She’s got way broader appeal than Dafne or Ranya – this girl can clearly book a more commercial job and apparently still catch Tisci’s eye.

    Lots of potential – not sure her show season was that memorable though.

  9. Garrett says:

    And why isn’t anyone giving Kristina Romanova a top new comer title? She looked so amazing from Philosophy to Yohji.

  10. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    nice look, cute top

  11. Boogie says:
  12. Jhon Petter says:

    She is amazing!!! Omg!
    Look the face!!!

  13. kennedy says:

    wow, she looks like a beautiful lion. So chic!

  14. Josh says:

    Sometimes it is not about how many shows they book, but it is about how much promise they have as a model. Marcelia has a very striking face, and I think she will surpass most of these newcomers in future seasons.

  15. Models and Style says:

    counldnt agree more she is stunning..*_*

  16. Mimi says:

    Wow, I love her face. She’s very striking.

  17. stace says:

    The angle the photo is taken of her face reminds me of Erin O’Connor.

  18. Raf! says:


  19. Josh says:

    Her full name is Marcelia Freesz, and she walked Carolina Herrera, as well.

  20. Podestá says:

    Love her face!!! and she’s from Brazil!!!

  21. Keegan says:

    What a woman, she is so strong in her beauty. Givenchy has sure cut out a clear idea of a Givenchy girl, strong and sexy.

  22. Nádia says:

    Wow, totally fresh and amazing! Wanna see more!


  23. Alisson Chornak says:

    She is amazing!
    Congratulations Marcelia Freesz <3

  24. anlabe says:

    I think that other girls deserve this place more. Maddie Kulicka for example. Or Iris Egbers.

  25. anlabe says:

    She’s pretty

  26. n says:
  27. katia says:

    …hmmm cant say i see her as very attractive, or model of the moment…

  28. eduardo says:

    Brazilian Models are beautiful!!

    Congrat Marcelia!

  29. PAULO GÓIS says:


  30. Me says:

    pretty and cool.

  31. TC says:

    Brazil unquestionably at its finest.

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