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October 18th, 2010 by Janelle | Model News
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Esteban Cortazar brings his design talents to Latin American megabrand, Exito for a special capsule collection that bridges the gap between high end and mass market. To find out more, view the exclusive video only in MDX.


  1. NĂ¡dia says:

    Looks interesting! Love the picture!


  2. Models and Style says:
  3. Not on the guest list says:

    Exito is not a megabrand in Latin America, as far as I know, Exito only exists in Colombia but it would be great that the clothes arrive to the rest of latin america, the collection was shown in july during Colombia Moda (colombian version of fashion week) ans it cause great feedback from the colombian girls, also the catwalk was walked by tops like Hanne (on the picture above) and Anto Graef, Daiane Conterato and Dafne Cejas

  4. Aaron Ng says:

    Black secret!

  5. Boogie says:

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