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November 30th, 2007 by betty | Interviews, Model News, Videos
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MDC, perched in the VIP section, captures Fergie and the action.

Wilhelmina New York‘s big blowout bash at the stunning Angel Orensanz Foundation had everything you needed for a showstopping extravaganza. The models, stars and VIP clients helped Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson and the hardworking Wilhelmina crew celebrate their 40th in high style. Wilhelmina top artist Fergie, as the main attraction, galvanized the usually jaded fashionistas into dancing and carousing with her mouth dropping performance. The crowd- everyone from fashion legend Beverly Johnson to CK It boy, Jamie Burke– ran the gamut of the different areas of the industry. Models, rock stars, confetti cannons, free flowing vodka, and a huge birthday cake, what more could a venerable giant in the business want?

VIP clients that also attended: Stephen Gan from Visionaire, John Pfeiffer, Jennifer Starr, GQ’s Richard Blandino and Brian Cotes, Details’ Matthew Edelstein and Micah Johnson, Bureau Betak’s Barbara Forneau, KCD’s Michelle Lee, VP’s from Calvin Klein, Shahid+Co’s Nando de Carvalho and Laird & Partners’ Trey Laird and Ray DiPietro and many more.

Heatherette’s Richie Rich always ultra cool

Gabriel Aubry

The other part of the dynamic duo that is Heatherette, Traver Rains

Flanking Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson, Mark Vanderloo and Gabriel Aubry

Alex Lundqvist with wife Keytt

Bloody Social and CK Jeans frontman, Jamie Burke

Jeff Gordon with wife Ingrid

Lance Bass

We love Petra Nemcova!

Fergie arrives

Grey’s Anatomy star and longtime Wilhelmina model Justin Chambers with wife Keisha

2 of Wilhelmina’s biggest talents, Fergie and Justin

Racing sensation Jimmie Johnson with wife Chandra

LL Cool J

Peak Performance’s Joe Dowdell, Jihae Kim, Esther de Jong and husband Donald McPherson

Greg Chan and Mark Vanderloo having a grand old time

The packed venue

Sean Patterson on Wilhelmina’s 40 years

Fergie and modeling legend Beverly Johnson

Calvin Klein’s Italo Zuchelli (on right) with friend Quinn

Top model Karl Lindman with Carla Collado

Romulo with Brazilian agents Sergio Mattos and JP

Former MOTW Ian Webb leans in to give MDC a hug

Nicholas Malleville with Enrique and Victoria Palacios

The ethereal beauty of the space

Will Jay enjoying cake

Mitchell McCormack with Ro/Allure showing sexy leg

Wilhelmina owner Dieter Esch with model Amira

Alexis and Greg with models Steve Gold and Luca

Angelica Boss

Sean/The Face Forward with Blake/Public Image Worldwide and Mitchell

Singer Gavin DeGraw stops for an interview

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