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Sophie Theallet Spring / Summer 2011

Photos: Betty Sze for models.com
Text: Janelle Okwodu

In a scant five seasons Sophie Theallet has become one of fashion’s foremost suppliers of artfully luxe clothing. Her refined sensibility and global reference points have won fans across the board and for spring the designer looks towards Mexico for inspiration. The vivid dresses with their rich colors and intricate patterns offer an idiosyncratic option for girls in need of a flirty cocktail dress or gamine evening out ensemble, Theallet’s designs are as smart as they are beautiful, which makes them all the more impressive.

Casting Maurilio Carnino for MTC Casting
1-Lineup in black
2-Sophie (left) fixes a final look
3-Aminata Niaria, Marina/Next
4-Delicate detailing
5-Sedene Blake, Jasmine/Fusion
6-A lovely face in bright red
7-Shelby Coleman/IMG
8-Thana Kuhnen
9-Wanessa Milhomem (left)
10-Veroniek Gielkens
12-Ping Hue Chung (left)
13-Zuzana Straska

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. JOhn says:

    WOW! the diversity in this show, amazing..

  2. Gordon says:

    #7 New Beauty is Shelby Coleman

  3. diego says:

    the black girls are amazing!!!!
    they wil be stars!!

  4. santana says:

    omg!!!….look at ping’s eyes….MEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. poo says:

    Wow, how pretty is the girl in the first photo–second from the left (the one looking down). Who is she?

  6. Eva says:

    poo – I think its melodoe monrose (not sure)

  7. betty says:


    That is Sedene from NY Models


  8. poo says:

    oh, it’s Sedene! Thank you.

  9. Natalia says:

    who is the girl on the 3th photo on the right?

  10. Corve DaCosta says:

    Go Go Go Sedene

  11. Jessica Gregory says:

    Glad to see diversity. Change is good!

  12. chignon says:

    beautiful women, simple stunning gorgeous. great chignons and makeup

  13. Flaviena says:

    I’m loving the diversity! The make up is wonderful

  14. jen says:

    The blonde in the 2nd picture is my friend Shannon Rusbuldt!

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