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September 22nd, 2010 by betty | Boys, Fashion Week, Girls, Model News
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David Delfin Spring / Summer 2011

Photos: Betty Sze for models.com
Text: Jonathan Shia

For Spring 2011, David Delfin went stark and sharp. Colors were largely limited to black and deep royal blue, a fresh change from all the green we’ve seen so far this season. Suits were stiff and sturdy, and lines were pure and crisp. One column dress was so tight, the model could barely walk. The women’s hair was pulled up in a braid that leaped over the top of the head and pointed straight down the back. There was a definite sense of direction here, from the neon-colored nylon straps that served as belts and harnesses to the gorgeous two-tone Louboutin stilettos. Several pieces were somewhat less than complete, reaching only three-quarters of the way across the torso before ending in bare skin. It was very sexy, but came across as cheeky and charming rather than vulgar. Who knew flashing some flesh could be so intellectually stimulating?

Casting Maurilio Carnino for MTC Casting
1-Sharon Kavjian, Mark Cox
2-Danny Arter
3-Paul Boche, Claire/Boss
4-Matt Egan, Lucas Mascarini
6-Sheila Marquez, Florian Van Bael
7-Aiden Andrews
8-Claire/Boss (left)
9-The fabulous muse Bimba Bosé opened and closed.

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  1. Sam Chao says:


  2. PrettyPrincess says:

    Wow. I love Claire!

  3. April Fashionreports says:

    love the hair and the belt’s

    check my blog http://freakdelafashion.blogspot.com/

  4. Gustavo says:


  5. webaporter says:
  6. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    attention passengers, please fasten your seatbelts, the aliens have landed!…wonderfully freaky!

  7. Joy-Anne Manuella says:

    I need to see more fuller models so that I can identify or as a matter of fact, so that the real world with real people can appreciate your fashion designs which are quite interesting but far too skinny!

  8. Nannou says:

    Bimba! está de vuelta!

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