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London is fashion’s launchpad for new ideas so it is fitting that Elite Londons S/S 11 Women show package looks to the future with a lineup of fresh faces bursting with potential. Established stars like Constance JablonskiDorothea Barth Jorgensen, Sigrid AgrenOlga Sherer and Sessilee Lopez are front and center as are girls of the moment Ming Xi, Hind Sahli, Keke Lindgard, Juana and Caroline Brasch Nielsen. Attention must also be paid to these dazzling girls whose names are sure to be on every casting director’s short list this season. Girls like quintessential Brit looker Charlotte Benson are not to be missed, nor the flawless Kristine Drinke and Emily Smith.


Amy Drayton

Anastasjia Kondratjeva

Anna Kalina

Barbora Dvorakova

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Cassandra Smith

Charlotte Benson

Charlotte di Calypso

Constance Jablonski

Davinia Stoeber

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Emily Smith

Fei Fei

Hanna Rundolf

Hannah Hardy

Hanne bruning

Hartje Andresen

Helen McCusker

Helene Desmettre

Hind Sahli

Honey Davis

Jade Mezard

Jen Messelier

Josefina Cisternas


Julia johansen

Karolina Mrozkova

Keke Lindgard

Kristine Drinke

Laura Batey

Lena Zakharenkova

Lizzy Burden

Maddie Kulicka

Marthe Flatmo


Melo Dagault

Ming Xi


Olga Sherer

Olha Mazur

Sabrine Rathje

Sadie Phelps

Samara Fagan

Sessilee Lopez

Sigrid Agren

Simona Andrejic

Tina Heggestad

Victoria Tuaz

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  1. Paula says:

    That girl Juana is just flawless! im waiting for her breakthrough this season. fingers crossed.

  2. la says:

    Constance is simply breath-taking!

  3. Mehdi says:

    Hind sahli is my favorit !!!

  4. cocodrile says:

    juana = WOW¡¡¡
    she’s stunning!!! in new york is breaking in the shows fahsion
    diane von furstenberg,lacoste,Alexandre Herchcovitch ,Christian Cota, etc etc¡

  5. FND says:

    Waiting to see how Ming Xi and Fei Fei will do in London this time after booking all the big shows in NY. These two are really turning it out.

  6. FRED says:

    juana and fei fei……the best!

  7. emp says:

    Julia Johansen is PERFECT!!

  8. rob says:

    oh, ming and keke are totally of the moment
    i saw so much of ming during nyfw i cant wait to see her total number of shows

  9. Elena says:

    Hind Sahli and Ming Xi deserve the best

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